Friday, April 23, 2010

LLS' Esther Scott Memorial Award

Last night, I received the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Esther Scott Memorial award. I am honored and touched to be a recipient.

Esther Scott, the first individual to receive this award in 1999, was a remarkable woman. The award is one of the Chapter's most prestigious Volunteer awards. Much like Esther herself, it's given to someone that is "Dedication Personified" and to an individual/couple whose service and dedication endures.

Dedication personified. I like those words. A few folks asked me how I do all that I do, and I just said by doing it one step at a time --- by being devoted to a cause. My cause is fighting cancer. I admit, it's "selfish giving." I'm paying it forward because of all the amazing support and help I've received from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and Lance Armstrong Foundation during my own fight with cancer. In the end, each effort I take to fundraise may raise the "magic dollar" --- the one I like to think will be the one that goes to the researcher that then finds the cure. A cure that may save my life. The Cures Rock! campaign is about dedication to the fight to find a cure for cancer. It's about working to change stigmas, raising awareness and fundraising for charities that are doing great work. A cure won't be found by "hoping" we stumble across it....we need to be diligent in working together as a community.

So, let's all renew our dedication to fighting cancer or whatever cause is near and dear to our hearts...whether that's AIDS, poverty, education....find the "cure" you want to fight for and make a difference using your gift of running, painting, singing.... You get my point. Cures Rock! is all about finding that inner passion for your cause and using your gift to make a difference in this world. We call it, "Give 360."

Thank you to LLS for this award. I am deeply grateful, and it served to inspire me even more to help do my part in supporting the fight against cancer. CURES ROCK!

Julie Westcott (Cures Rock! & Give 360 Founder and Esther Scott Memorial Award recipient), Bill Martin (President, LLS Board of Directors), Gail Fink (Mentor of the Year Award) and Colin Eckleman (Champion of the Year Award)


  1. Congratulations Julie. Very well deserved, and well done! and well said, also. Art

  2. Congratulations Julie, the award is well deserved.

    I just hope everyone remembers that for every 'uber-activist' who is rightfully recognized publicly with an award; there are ten people out there working just as hard in complete anonymity, save for the people (and animals) whose lives they benefit.

  3. Michael, you are so right. In fact, the few words I said after receiving the award were much to that theme. For every event and every great thing we do...there are so many unrecognized volunteers and folks that work amazingly hard to make a difference. Amen and well said.


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