Friday, April 18, 2008

Addicted to Running :)

Ok, so I had to pass along a silly pic from my Carlsbad 5000 race we finished on April 6th. Yes, I'm a dork. I actually love this running stuff. I might soon be considered an addict. :) So, many of you have to put up with my conversations which are now centered about only one thing -- running. :)

We ran as a team last weekend. I had a tough week of being sick right before that, but for some reason, I felt I "had" to do the run in an act of insanity. I felt it would be good training for "mind over matter." (you know, if you don't mind, it doesn't matter! ha ha). I mean, if I can run 16 miles feeling lousy, then certainly I can run a marathon when I feel good! Our team did a 16 mile run out of Oceanside's Bucanneer State Park. (I asked if we could dress in pirate costumes, but alas, they prefer our TNT logo.) I ran the first 12 miles with no problem...and even felt good (considering). Well, until I hit the last wall before the final 4 miles. Thank goodness I have AWESOME running pals, Lisa & Jen. As I was coming up on an Aid station, they actually jogged BACK to get me and cheered me on. Even though it majorly blew their time to stick with me...they did! And, they helped me through the last 4 miles.

Seriously folks -- the peops I meet through TNT are awesome. They are waking up in the 5's of dawn on Saturdays to run in 90 degree heat to raise money for charity. They slow their runs down to make sure that survivors like me can train for a marathon. Truly, they are some of the most non-selfish peops I have ever met.

What's next? Well, this is a back-down weekend for us, so we'll only be doing a 9 mile run on Saturday for the "B" run team. It's funny that now 9 miles which used to seem huge is a back-down mileage.

It's all about love, folks...and there is plenty of it on this running team. CURES ROCK!!!!!!!!

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