Sunday, May 18, 2008


We did our 11 mile run yesterday starting in Solana Beach! And, it was HOT HOT HOT. The first 7 miles were miserable, but then Lisa, Jen & I caught a second wind, and it went a little better. When that coastal breeze picks up, it's a godsend. We're ready for our marathon. :)

So, did I think about the verse I wrote yesterday while I was running? Umm....noo...I sorta forgot because all that kept running through my head is "Hot! Hot! Hot!" BUT, I did think about it as I was drinking my coffee this morning. I think it's a beautiful verse with so many layers to it. I think my own involvement with TNT and the L&L Society has been my way to take a challenging situation with cancer and turning it around for good...and clearly none of that is on my own accord. It was strange running yesterday and having my teammates keep coming up to say, "I loved your video." I met a few teammates that have children with cancer, who I didn't even know had that close of a connection to the cause because of that video. It's been sent out to other teams, so hopefully others are made aware of these types of cancer and support the Cause. Hopefully it'll bring HOPE that we WILL find a CURE by 2015.

Sadly, our Head Coach informed us that we lost a long-time member of TNT to her blood cancer yesterday. She was the Honored Teammate for the TNT Walk Team this season, and my heart went out to the team when i saw them all out there walking and still training for the marathon yesterday. If this doesn't wake you up to the reality that blood cancers take lives, then maybe it will. Also, another teammate on our TNT Run team was finally back yesterday after taking time off these last few weeks because her dad who had leukemia passed away. Why do I run? THIS is why I run. THIS is why I'm so diligent in my fundraising. We need to find a cure. I know ya'll lead busy lives, but please take a minute to donate to my TNT "Cures Rock!" campaign and join this race to find a cure:

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