Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Duuuuh dunt....duuuuh dunt

So, it is so wierd to be living out our own Jaws movie here in San Diego. The beaches were closed (since re-opened) last weekend due to a Great White shark attack (or bull shark...don't know if they figured it out yet). Yup...it's that time of year folks, when the Great Whites and other mean sharks start migrating north....following those fishing boats. But, with my running injury, you can bet that I'll be diving for the water to splash around and cool it down after our TNT long run this upcoming weekend --- sharks or no sharks.
(But, I figure that if the sea lions and other creatures start getting out of the water, it's a good sign for me to get out, too... ha ha).

Monday, April 28, 2008

On the Road Again...

...just can't wait to be back on the road again....

That's right! I am slowly getting back there folks. My injury is starting to heal, and I did my first 30 mins of running this last Saturday at the Silver Strand State Beach (ok...I sorta stretched it into a very long 30 mins...). I could see the chalk mile markers for the TNT group down there, which made me smile in spirit cheering on my team that was having to run an 18-miler (that I was missing). I ran the bike trail on the Strand and it was H-O-T! After not running at all for over a week, I was really feeling out of shape and miserable. Well, that is until I saw the young men at the U.S. Naval Amphibious Base entering the water...and realized that if the future U.S. Navy Seals could gut out their torturous day in the heat, then I could gut out this injury and get back in shape for the marathon. HOOYA!

Saw Dr. Rob again today. He said he thinks my injury is getting better (yay!), so here's hoping this trend continues. I get to run again tomorrow for ~30 mins, so I'm stoked about that. When I can run 40 mins without pain, then he says I'm back in TNT training mode. Wahoo! Ok....so, my marathon will be a very slow one now, but at least I'm not out of the game yet. Sadly, considering this past weekend was the La Jolla Half Marathon through Torrey Pines...his office was packed, so I'm not the only one in San Diego trying to get better for the Rock 'N' Roll Marathon in four weeks (EEK!). ;)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Running Injury -- Grrr...

My dog Kalli got her stiches out last night. She went to the groomer so she's back to being a puff-ball and looking "purty" again.

I had another appointment with Dr. Rob today at Elite Chiropratic Care in Encinitas (that clinic rocks!). So, this whole knee issue is a Iliotibial Band issue (a.k.a. IT band) -- a common issue for runners. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iliotibial_band_syndrome ) So, my thigh/bootie is the culprit, but my poor knee takes all the blame. AND -- the worst part is --- I was told that my 18-miler planned for this weekend is OUT. I can still run, but for only 30 mins with the team ...and only if my knee stopped hurting. So, Dustin (my trainer) and I need to start some major cross-training to keep me in top cardio shape...and he promised he'd torture me even if I can't run too far. Don't worry folks! I will still be running the marathon...it just means I need a mini-break to let this heal for a bit, and then I'll be back on my long runs again. Luckily, it's still the end of April so there's plenty of time to get to work for the big race day.

The exciting news is that compared to where I was last year with being sick, it's still the icing on the cake to be worrying about things like running, etc. This is a simple little worry in light of the grand scheme of things. So, I shall rest up, cheer my teammates on for Saturday, and keep on training for that marathon! Wahoo!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

My Birthday Wish Came True!

Amity sent me a marathon haiku in honor of my birthday today:

Cake is rich in carbs
Yummy birthday glycogen
For those hungry miles

Wow. Another birthday is here!!! I spent the day seeing Dr. Rob about my darn gimpy knee, buying new running shoes and going to work. Exciting, I know. I can tell I'm into this running stuff when I get excited over a new pair of shoes. Thomas was a gem and took me for some Mexican food grub tonight. Yummy! And, one of the best parts of the day was getting all the phone calls from friends and family. I am so thankful for all of you in my life and appreciate all the "happy birthday" serenades I received today (Chris...your voicemail and singing "talent" took the cake!).

Honestly? I am in sooo much better shape than I was last year on my birthday. I mean, no chemo treatments?!!! That in itself made this a very (very!) special day. I am well, which was my birthday wish last year. IT CAME TRUE! I have my health. I have awesome family and friends that took time out of their days to wish me a happy day. And heck -- being a twin, I even got to share this day with my "gemela"/twin Angie! (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANGIE!!!)It's kinda cool knowing that there is always going to be one person on this planet that will remember my birthday.

Happy Birthday to me (& Ang)!!! Let the festivities begin! (uh...yeah...don't even ask how I'm going to do all the festivities this week and still run 18 miles on Saturday with a gimpy knee...of which, the Dr. today told me to stop running for a few days....).

Pictured: The Tyson sisters as kids. Angie (L), Jenny (Middle), Julie (R)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

10 mile run in Del Mar Today!

Well, I missed the TNT run yesterday...BUT, I made up for it by running 10 miles on my own today. I ran along the gorgeous coast, and it was a perfect day. I took this picture during my run today next to Cardiff State Beach (across from my fav hangout, Las Olas Restaurant). It's rough, but I just had to stand there for a minute, eat my "gu" gel, drink some h2O and stare at the gorgeous ocean 2o ft in front of me.
Have I mentioned that I LOVE being a SoCal girl?!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Addicted to Running :)

Ok, so I had to pass along a silly pic from my Carlsbad 5000 race we finished on April 6th. Yes, I'm a dork. I actually love this running stuff. I might soon be considered an addict. :) So, many of you have to put up with my conversations which are now centered about only one thing -- running. :)

We ran as a team last weekend. I had a tough week of being sick right before that, but for some reason, I felt I "had" to do the run in an act of insanity. I felt it would be good training for "mind over matter." (you know, if you don't mind, it doesn't matter! ha ha). I mean, if I can run 16 miles feeling lousy, then certainly I can run a marathon when I feel good! Our team did a 16 mile run out of Oceanside's Bucanneer State Park. (I asked if we could dress in pirate costumes, but alas, they prefer our TNT logo.) I ran the first 12 miles with no problem...and even felt good (considering). Well, until I hit the last wall before the final 4 miles. Thank goodness I have AWESOME running pals, Lisa & Jen. As I was coming up on an Aid station, they actually jogged BACK to get me and cheered me on. Even though it majorly blew their time to stick with me...they did! And, they helped me through the last 4 miles.

Seriously folks -- the peops I meet through TNT are awesome. They are waking up in the 5's of dawn on Saturdays to run in 90 degree heat to raise money for charity. They slow their runs down to make sure that survivors like me can train for a marathon. Truly, they are some of the most non-selfish peops I have ever met.

What's next? Well, this is a back-down weekend for us, so we'll only be doing a 9 mile run on Saturday for the "B" run team. It's funny that now 9 miles which used to seem huge is a back-down mileage.

It's all about love, folks...and there is plenty of it on this running team. CURES ROCK!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Kallisto ("Kalli") the Wonder-mutt!

Ok, so I am digressing from my running blog for the moment. Many of you know that Kalli-monster (my pound-puppy) was attacked by a big dog at the dog park last weekend. *sigh* A wallet full of cash later and a major surgery, and she's doing great. I took her to the vet this afternoon for a check-up, and they say she's healing wonderfully. She gets her stitches out in one week. Yay!

So, she has another week of wearing t-shirts to cover her wounds. But, I think she believes she's making a fashion statement -- Today, she chose a t-shirt that read, "Everyone Loves an Irish Girl" (which they do). :) The picture is of her in the vet's waiting room today. Sadly, I won't be comfortable taking her to a dog park anytime soon. So, it was so awful today driving up and there was a huge training class of dogs. Kalli went crazy thinking I had finally brought her back to the park. Poor thing. But, it gave me a great idea that maybe I can sign her up for training classes so she still gets to socialize without the scary dogs in the dog park. Hollywood watch out! Kalli is on her way! (lol)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Carlsbad 5000 Race

Another week down! This past weekend we were on our own for our long run. I wasn't sure I'd be able to complete it without my great running buddies to keep me moving who I have come to adore (they drag me up some seriously torturous hills), but I did! I completed a 12 mile run on Saturday along the Del Mar Coast and through Torrey Pines State Park. It was tough, but such a beautiful run! It was almost the same run we did the previous weekend as a team for 14 miles. I had just come back from vacation from the Australian outback, and wasn't sure I could do it. But, my dear ol' running pals, Lisa & Jen, got me through it (they rock!).

Our organized TNT practice this past weekend was for "race experience." Our team competed in the Carlsbad 5000...it is marketed as "the fastest 5K race in the world"! (Ok, I am not fast, but the elite folks were amazing even if no records were broken this year). It was so neat to watch the final elite race and be a part of an event that some of the fastest athletes in the world were partipating in! I had a fun race, and ran with a girl on my team, Trish, that I've never run with before. She kept me going, and as it turns out, we live practically right next to each other!! My other running pal, Lisa, took off like a cheetah and did so great! She even had a good enough time to medal (and came in 5 min. ahead of me). Jen was out of a business trip, so she had to miss it. I was tired and sore from the day before, but it was fun to get some experience with participating in a race. Hopefully, this means I'll be more used to the experience of the adrenaline, crowds, etc. come the marathon (doubt it, but I'll try).

Also, today we hit the $7,000 mark for my fundraising efforts. Folks, we are ~$3,000 away from my goal of raising $10,000. We have three weeks to do it (by April 30th), and I know we can!!! Please forward on the link to this blog, email, etc. to your friends, family, church members...anyone (!!!)...to spread the news about this great charity.

"What is the use of living if it not be to strive for noble causes and make this muddled world a better place for those who'll live in it after we are gone?"
-Winston Churchill

Lance Armstrong's "Tour de France" Dedication to Julie

A great reminder that I had armies of support beside me in my fight. (Thanks, Lance!) Even with the recent media, this video isn't about the bike...but the fight against cancer. LIVESTRONG!

Stage 2 Dedication: Julie Westcott -- powered by http://www.livestrong.com

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