Saturday, May 31, 2008

'twas the Night before a Marathon...

1 more day folks. After all of this, just one more day. Together, we've somehow hobbled, donated and cheered our way to this point. We've raised OVER $10,000 ($10,275 to be exact) and still counting... :) That is completely amazing. I've trained for 4 months and gone through 2 pairs of running shoes. Today, we have our TNT Pasta Lunch with thousands of other TNT participants. All 60 chapters are participating in this race, with a total of ~4,000 runners. We've raised over $12.5 MILLION for the L&L Society for this Rock 'n' Roll race alone. (Our local team's goal was 2.2 million of that.) After that, I'll spend the afternoon getting my gear together, "hydrating" lots and lots....and then attempting to sleep (ha ha), as our wake-up call will be 3 a.m. for the race.

The race starts at 6:30 a.m. tomorrow, June 1st! If you'd like to track me online as I run, go to: and click on "live results" or go straight to: You will need my bib number which is: 14482. If you type it in, it'll be showing you my 5K, 10K, 13.1 mi and 20mi mark and final finish at 26.2 miles! (For some reason, it's showing all us TNT people listed as 1/2 marathoners, but they are trying to fix might just be able to see my 10K and final time as I complete the 26.2 if this doesn't get resolved.) I love you all!!! Thanks for your support! I will be thinking of all of you as a I run, along with some of the dear friends we've lost recently to cancer, too. I run in memory of them, and in honor of those who are fighting their battles right now.
"Suffering produces perseverence; perseverance, character; and character, hope." -Romans 5:3-4 (NIV)

Friday, May 30, 2008

Spirit of the Marathon

What is the spirit of the marathon? Good question. Until I go through the final event, I will not have an answer for you. But, I can tell you that in my opinion, the spirit of the marathon begins the moment you place your foot on the training path. It's getting out there an doing something for other people (in this case, we all raised over $10,o00 for blood cancer research!!!). For me, that moment started 4 months ago, and we're now 2 days away from the event. I feel stronger, happier and excited to be going through this process. It has been a gift and there is such a huge connection to spirit when I'm out there running. When I ran our 20 miler, there was a point where it was sheer human spirit that was pulling me along when my body wanted to quit. It's just plain awesome.

We saw the movie, "Spirit of the Marathon," tonight in the local theaters. ( It was completely inspiring!!! I know that my life will change when I cross that finish line. I only have one first marathon, and I'm going to enjoy every minute of it!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

ABC News Coverage!

For those that missed it, or aren't in the local San Diego area, here is the ABC News Ch 10 feed that aired yesterday. A full story will also air again on Saturday before my marathon (on Sunday). Channel 10 is sooo awesome to be doing this story with links to LLS, so let's be sure to email them with our support and thanks to their station!

Only 5 more days 'til the marathon. Wow. One year ago, as you'll see in the news story, I made a bet with my friends that I'd be in remission and running it this year. We toasted with our bottles of Bud to my recovery and to running it together in 2008! And, now it's here. I am nervous, and excited and just can't wait to get out there on Sunday. If you wonder where your Leukemia & Lymphoma Soceity donations's a real example. Those dollars provide support for patients like me...they provide research for better therapies for those with blood cancer....and one day we WILL find a cure!
To all those running in the marathon on Sunday, here's an Irish blessing: "May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be at your back..."

Monday, May 26, 2008

Almost Famous

Only one week until my marathon! It's unbelieveable to know I'm down to 6 days between now and an event that I've spent 4 months training for to complete. Actually, I've spent longer than that, as this adventure started with some awesome friends, and an awesome agreement that I'd be recovering from my cancer and running this marathon in 2008. AND I AM! Yay! It has been a tremoundous experience and journey, and I've learned a lot.

The local KGTV ABC News Ch 10 covered the story tonight at 7pm. I'll try to get a link to the video if they upload it to their web site ( For now, I've posted a few still shots I took of my TV. Ok, so I may be a dork when it comes to my Causes, but the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and Team in Training are awesome organizations, so it was great they mentioned them. Plus, Joe, Mike & Judy are some of the most amazing people I have ever met in my lifetime, and I'm glad the story focused on it. :) Yup...we were all almost famous for 30 seconds of our lifetimes.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

One Week 'til Marathon Day!

We had our last TNT long run yesterday (8 miles). In a way, it was hard to see this season come to a close, but I know that means my huge goal I've been training 4 months for is right around the corner. The marathon is only one week away!! In one week, I'll be running the streets of San Diego and thinking of all of you that donated to support this awesome Cause with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. It is truly an honor to be on a team like this with so many incredible people. (Circled in blue on the picture is Mike, who ran on my behalf last year, since I couldn't.) So, I'll keep giving the details as I'm down to my final prep. I still can't believe that last year I was going through chemo, and this year I'm running. The Team in Training group is truly an inspiration to me!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Running in a...hailstorm??!!

This blurry picture is not because we're a fast bunch of running girls....but, because we couldn't convince the person taking the picture to venture out into the crazy thunderstorm/hailstorm. That's co-workers (Stephanie & Judy) and I decided to head out for a nice run at lunch. It was overcast and a little misty--- perfect! Uh yeah...until got into the run and the skies opened up with pouring rain, lightening and thunder. Then the temps dropped about 20 degrees....and add insult to injury...hail! (Which, for the record, really hurts when you have shorts and a tank top on!) We thought it would blow over, but it kept pouring for the next half hour as we worked our way back to work. We were soaked, laughing hysterically...and yes...numb from the cold (it took me a few cups of hot cocoa to stop shivering!). Oh, and then later that night, we saw this on the local news station: At least we didn't see this while running yesterday or I would have freaked out! ---;_ylt=AgXDs1t670aXw7PAnBccKrsDW7oF
The next picture is my ticket for the Cal State San Marcos track parking lot. This past Tuesday was our last track workout. :( This TNT season is quickly coming to a close which is exciting because it means the marathon is almost a week away (!!!), but also a little sad because I've come to enjoy the team practices and comraderie.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


We did our 11 mile run yesterday starting in Solana Beach! And, it was HOT HOT HOT. The first 7 miles were miserable, but then Lisa, Jen & I caught a second wind, and it went a little better. When that coastal breeze picks up, it's a godsend. We're ready for our marathon. :)

So, did I think about the verse I wrote yesterday while I was running? Umm....noo...I sorta forgot because all that kept running through my head is "Hot! Hot! Hot!" BUT, I did think about it as I was drinking my coffee this morning. I think it's a beautiful verse with so many layers to it. I think my own involvement with TNT and the L&L Society has been my way to take a challenging situation with cancer and turning it around for good...and clearly none of that is on my own accord. It was strange running yesterday and having my teammates keep coming up to say, "I loved your video." I met a few teammates that have children with cancer, who I didn't even know had that close of a connection to the cause because of that video. It's been sent out to other teams, so hopefully others are made aware of these types of cancer and support the Cause. Hopefully it'll bring HOPE that we WILL find a CURE by 2015.

Sadly, our Head Coach informed us that we lost a long-time member of TNT to her blood cancer yesterday. She was the Honored Teammate for the TNT Walk Team this season, and my heart went out to the team when i saw them all out there walking and still training for the marathon yesterday. If this doesn't wake you up to the reality that blood cancers take lives, then maybe it will. Also, another teammate on our TNT Run team was finally back yesterday after taking time off these last few weeks because her dad who had leukemia passed away. Why do I run? THIS is why I run. THIS is why I'm so diligent in my fundraising. We need to find a cure. I know ya'll lead busy lives, but please take a minute to donate to my TNT "Cures Rock!" campaign and join this race to find a cure:

Friday, May 16, 2008

Suffering Produces Endurance...

We're running 11 miles as a TNT team in the heat tomorrow, starting at Fletcher's Cove in Solana Beach (don't worry...we'll keep an eye out for those great white sharks!).

What am I going to think about during those 11 miles...well, I'll continue to remember my journey with cancer, and remember that I'm in a race to help find a cure for those that can't run tomorrow due to their own brave battles with blood cancers.

"Suffering produces perseverence; perseverance, character; and character, hope." -Romans 5:3-4 (NIV)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

TNT Honored Teammate

I decided to participate as an Honored Teammate for the Fall Season of the TNT San Diego Walk Team. I will not be running or walking in the fall marathons for the Society, but I did want to stay involved with the charity. This new role gives me a chance to tell others about blood cancer, promote the Society and give TNT participants a connection to the Cause. Go Team!!!

We had TNT Fall Season Kick-off last night at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, so I had a chance to meet the Walk Team and to share my story. They are great folks, and it'll be fun cheering them on as they prepare this summer! Pictured (top): The TNT SD Walk Team. Eloise (the other Honoree) is on the far right of the front row that's kneeling in the TNT jacket, and I'm also kneeling on the left of the front row in the TNT jacket. :)

Pictured (bottom): Me, Eloise (the other Honored teammate with myeloma) and Jen (the Walk Team Coordinator for the Society)

Monday, May 12, 2008

My TNT Video

Check it out folks... after running 20 miles this weekend, I decided to create a video that would capture the whole reason our team is out there training and running for the marathin (3 weeks away!). Scroll to the bottom of this web page. (The video is about 4 mins long.)

Thanks, again, for all of your support!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

20 mile run & a big nap

I am sitting here (after taking a 2 hour nap), completely proud and amazed that I completed our TNT 20-mile Train Run today. We took the train up the coast to Oceanside, got off, ran 2 miles north, and then headed all the way back down to our cars at the Solana Beach train station. Here's a link, if you'd like to see the route: My focus today was to just go out, take it easy so I don't irritate my injury, and just have a good ol' time. It turned out to be one of the most fun runs I have ever done to date! I started off with my running pals, Lisa & Jen. Jen was a cheetah today, and we lost her after the first hour. With over 500 runners doing this run, it was crazy! :) Lisa & I stuck together for the long haul and finished in just a little over 4 hours. Of course, this was after I made her stop for a few photo ops, fix my shoes like a billion times, chill out...we had a grand ol' time. She is so awesome!!! (Pictured: Julie & Lisa at the half-marathon mark Aid Station)
It served it's purpose! I am confident now that I WILL be finishing the marathon in a few weeks, and I am looking forward to the day soooo much! And, of course, after running through campsites of people fixing breakfast, then along seaside cafes as people ate lunch, we all met up at the Solana Beach Train station to collect our gear and head to Pizza Port to have some beer and pizza to celebrate (I mean, um, one has to "carb up" again, right?)

Friday, May 9, 2008

20-miler tomorrow!!

Ok, so tomorrow we're running a 20 mile "train run" with our TNT team. What does that mean? Well, at 6am, we meet at the train station, take a train to Oceanside...and then run all the way home on the Coast Highway. No joke. We'll run through Oceanside, Carlsbad, Leucadia, Encinitas, Cardiff, Solana Beach...uh yeah...the beach cities will just keep on going by tomorrow. Considering my injury, the fact that the most I've run in a few weeks is 10 miles, I'm a tad (ok, a TON!) nervous. Four weeks ago, I did a 16-miler, and my running buddies had to drag me the last 4mi. Hmm...well, I'll try my best. I'm trying to give myself mental permission to stop at the 16/18-miler stops to quit if I need to because afterall, my goal is the actual marathon in a few weeks. But, I know my competitive spirit will make that tough. It'll definitely be a team effort tomorrow.
Odd enough, TNT gives us these tags to wear in case of emergency that has our coach's phone number on them. Um...yeah...they are reminding me of a "toe tag" at the moment... just kidding. FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION. When I was stuck in a hospital last year at this time, failure wasn't an option, and it isn't now. Wish me luck folks!!! All I have to say to my team tomorrow is, "If you think this sucks, try chemo!"

Monday, May 5, 2008

Happiest Place on Earth...

So, I'm in Florida this week. In fact, I sat on my balcony after a long day of traveling (being stuck on a tarmac is not fun), to watch the fireworks over Epcot Center and Disney World. Fantastic. That's about the closest I'll get to those places as I'm at a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) conference this week for work which should be interesting. I come home just in time for our TNT infamous "train run" this Saturday (20 miles!!!). I'm already nervous. And it's only Monday. Grreeaaatttt...

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Torrey Pines & Princess Happy

Today's run was great. The weather was beautiful, and it felt so good to be running with my TNT team again. After taking a few weeks off for my injury, I was surprised how easily my body adapted to this 10 mile run. I had planned on only completing 6 miles, but kept going since I was feeling good. I was winded the last few miles, and my knee is tight (not in pain, just tight), but I did it!!! My running amigas kept me movin'! (I love 'em!) Coach says I can train this week and attempt the 20-miler "train" run we're doing next weekend. Yay!!!

We also had a fundraising challenge, so the coach of the team that had the least % of fundraising met had to run in costumes. We "saved" Coach Pattie who is the coach of my "B" team, but her hubby (Coach Happy of the 1/2 Marathon team), had to run in a tutu, tiara and boa.'s not all bad...I hear he received a few proposals and wolf whistles on the run. :) Don't worry folks....we've got video this time around. Once Coach "Princess" Happy uploads it to YouTube, I'll post the link. And, if ya'll don't help me reach my $10,000 fundraising goal in the next few weeks, I'll personally send Princess Happy to your house (yes, that's a threat). *smile*

Friday, May 2, 2008

TNT Run Tomorrow!!!

That's right, folks! I'm back in action again. Dr. Rob cleared me to run with the TNT team tomorrow. So, I'm off to meet in the wee hour of the 6's tomorrow a.m. at Torrey Pines Reserve....ROCK ON! (or RUN ON!).

Lance Armstrong's "Tour de France" Dedication to Julie

A great reminder that I had armies of support beside me in my fight. (Thanks, Lance!) Even with the recent media, this video isn't about the bike...but the fight against cancer. LIVESTRONG!

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