Saturday, December 25, 2010


Merry Christmas from Cures Rock!, Julie & Twinkie! Have a beautiful day filled with light and peace.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Superhero Mile

As many of you know, for many Cures Rock! events the phrase "Not all heroes wear capes" is written somewhere on the t-shirt. That's because we believe there's a lot of ways to be a hero and the important thing is to use your talent to make a different in this world. Some of us wear running shoes instead of capes....or donate to support a great cause.

One of our sponsors for the Cures Rock! tour (Thanks, Susan Briggs!) was "The Rock" Church's Running & Triathlon Ministry. They are hosting their first annual Superhero Mile race in San Diego, CA tomorrow --- yup, capes and all -- in an effort to fight poverty in West Africa.

Rain or shine, superheroes don't stop in the fight for justice when it comes to hunger and poverty. So, please come out and join us all tomorrow for this awesome 1 mile race. More details can be found at:

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Light the Night

We are so very excited to have Team CURES ROCK! for Light the Night (benefiting LLS). We've already raised a lot of donations to date, and we'll keep it up through tomorrow's walk!
If you'd like to join our team and come walk as a part of this illuminating event, here are the details:

Where: Del Mar Fairgrounds (Del Mar, CA)
6:00 PM Gates Open + Registration (all walkers need to register!!!)
6:40 PM (sharp) - Team Photo /Meet at Cures Rock! booth near VIP tent
7:00 PM Opening Ceremony
7:30 PM "Light the Night" Walk

*** PLEASE **** meet at the Cures Rock! booth at **6:40pm** so we can take a team photo before the festivities start. Our booth will be next to the VIP tent (near where you check-in).

*If you've fundraised at met the $100 amount, you will receive your t-shirt, wristband and illuminated balloon at check-in. Regardless, all walkers need to check-in so we can get a count for next year!
Please come by our booth. We'll meet there at 6:40 for a photo and will then walk together as a team with our banner. Make sure you tell folks to stop by our awesome booth to say "hi" and learn about Cures Rock!

If you can, please wear something orange (Cures Rock colors), or a Cures Rock! shirt if you have one (in any color, like blue, orange or grey). All our Cures Rock! team walkers will get a glowing orange wristband so we can see each other at night. :) (And if you don't have a Cures Rock! or LTN shirt, don't worry...just come as you are!!)

FAQ - Can I bring a friend?

Yes, you can bring a friend to walk with Cures Rock! Just make sure they register/check-in at the main tent and know where to meet us for the walk (our Cures Rock! booth at 6:40pm sharp for team photo). Also, only those that raised $100 will have an illuminated balloon, so please make sure they understand that...but EVERYONE is welcome to walk!!!

If you have any questions, please let me know! My email is: julie at curesrock dot org.

Thanks again for your ENERGY and ENTHUSIASM you've already displayed. CURES ROCK and YOU ROCK! Let's make sure the 4,000 walkers tomorrow know how awesome finding cures can really be!!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Take a Swing at Cancer! (SFY Event a Success!)

Thank you to all the players, guests, sponsors, vendors and volunteers that made our 1st Annual Swing Fore! Yellow Golf Charity Classic a great event! A picture is worth a thousand words, so I'll add just a few comments to go with some pictures from our event. (If you'd like to see more, see the links at the bottom.)

The day started off crisp and cool as the players began registering for their tournament. The Helicopter ball drop game was the highlight of the morning. As the day carried on, the temperatures started to climb along with the energy and high spirits.

There was no lack for laughing and competitiveness out there on the course (all in the name of charity, of course!). The vendors and sponsors had some great distractions for the players which were a lot of fun out there.

Meanwhile, "back at the ranch" (a.k.a. Country Club), the volunteers were busy getting ready for the evening's dinner and live auction, driving the course to check-in with the players and sponsors and overall having a great time. I was personally very touched by Geoff, a local cancer survivor and awesome cyclist who just had surgery a few weeks ago and still came out to volunteer and help us. Truly that's the LIVESTRONG spirit!
Everybody was generous in spirit (and their wallets) at the dinner and live/silent auctions that evening. The highlighted game to end the day was Ferrari's "Hole in One" game (yes, the prize was a $250,000 gift certificate at Ferrari of San Diego). So fun!

At the end of the day, I was touched and amazed to hear everyone's connection to the Cause and thought the evening event was the perfect touch to an amazing day.

For more pictures from this event, visit our Cures Rock! Facebook "Fan" page by clicking here.
#1. Swing Fore! Yellow Logo
#2. We loved our players! Pictured: Terrell Davis and friend.
#3. We loved our sponsors! Pictured: Stone Brewery.
#4. Catherine, Julie & Colleen checking in on the players and the event.
#5. Silent auction table
#6. Andre Reed & friends checking out the Ferrari "Hole in One" prize (many thanks to the sponsor: Ferrari of San Diego!!)
#7. Livestrong crew with Terrell Davis

Friday, October 29, 2010

Swing Fore! Yellow: Linked In To Fight Cancer

After months of planning, I can't believe it's finally here! Our 1st Annual Swing Fore! Yellow Golf Charity Classic to benefit the Lance Armstrong Foundation is this Monday, November 1st.

It is not too late to sign up (but do it today!). You can register at:

"LIVESTRONG is grateful to Swing Fore! Yellow for supporting our work on behalf of cancer survivors everywhere,” said LIVESTRONG President and CEO Doug Ulman. "This partnership demonstrates the power of sport in furthering social change and we welcome the golf community to the LIVESTRONG movement."

I am truly proud of our local San Diego community for their involvement in putting together this event, sponsoring, donating, volunteering. Cures Rock! and this event will rock, too!

I know we're all (just a tad, ha ha) competitive -- so let's turn that competitive, sportsmanship nature into energy in the fight against cancer on Monday 11/1. Tell a friend, sign-up to play, or donate. It's that easy. Stay updated on the latest on Facebook at:

Saturday, October 23, 2010

What We Should Talk More About (CAM)

In thinking of the LIVESTRONG Challenge going on this weekend in Austin, I started to consider about all the ways the Lance Armstrong Foundation challenged me to take control of my fight with cancer, and create awareness of prevention and/or treatment of the disease. One of the biggest lessons that I've come away with is that cancer patients have the right to make their own choices about the way they handle their treatment.

Did you know that more than 70% of all cancer patients use complementary and alternative (CAM) medical therapies, according to a study in the journal Cancer?

I bet that leaves you scratching your head because I'm also betting that the two treatments you've heard about are radiation and chemotherapy. Well, think again. Patients (including me) learn about these other options as they search for a way to mitigate side-effects of traditional western medicine, and also find a way to heal themselves.

Yes, I'm going into that space nobody wants to talk about, except in hushed tones -- "uh yeah, I tried meditation and tai chi, and it worked...but don't tell anyone." WHY NOT? Why not let folks know that there are options?!? Why do we do this in our society?
Let me be clear. I firmly believe in the science of medicine, and as a survivor of multiple fights with cancer, I've done my share of radiation and chemo. But - I also believe in balance -- and that it's ok to integrate some other, uh, shall we say, "more unique" therapies into the mix.

Times are changing and those days of hushed voices are long gone (or should be). This ain't yo mama's healthcare anymore. Now, many medical centers DO have integrative health centers, like UCSD or Scripps -- and I applaud them loudly (maybe even with a wolf whistle or two to cheer them on). Last year, the American Cancer Society released its Complete Guide to Complementary and Alternative Cancer Therapies reference book listing hundreds of therapies and possible side effects. Ok, I admit, some of the therapies listed in there just don't look safe (uh, shark cartilage? gulp.), but they also tell you that. My own personal verdict is still out on the use of supplements --- I feel and have lots of research to back me up - that some supplements may interfere with the way your body breaks down chemo drugs...making them less effective (or worse, toxic).

However, most CAM patients aren't looking for cures -- they are looking for help with side-effects, reduce stress, boost their immune system and fight back against recurrences. And many therapies listed for that include exercise, prayer, meditation, tai chi, yoga, qi gong in the mind-body category which I think are all equally awesome. And yes, I integrated all of these into my own treatment plan...and still do to stay healthy.

Like I said, the LIVESTRONG Challenge got me thinking about my own battle with cancer today. I realized I've never taken the time to write a post about some of the things I did outside my western treatments, and I'm going to start changing that. No more hushed tones about prayer, meditation, mindfulness and yoga -- the stuff reduces stress folks...try it! I'm not advocating religion which is what some of you may think, but I am advocating slowing down and treating your body with kindness when its struggling to fight this disease.
My biggest advice however is that if you're considering any alternative medicine -- please (please!) -- talk to your medical doctor or oncologist about it first. As always, I believe in an integrative "team" approach is the best way to get healthy and prevent illness in the future.

P.S. Good luck to all the LIVESTRONG Challenge participants in Austin this weekend! You rock & CURES ROCK!

Friday, October 22, 2010

LIVESTRONG Challenge Participants ROCK.

Cancer better run for those Texas hills because 10,000 people just arrived in Austin for the LIVESTRONG Challenge (benefitting the Lance Armstrong Foundation). I'm already bummed that I won't be there this year, but tremendously sparked and on fire for the cause seeing the viritual (and in person) rally that's happening for this event. If you've never been, get it on your calendar for next year!! LIVESTRONG Challenge participants and their cheerleaders (whether in person or online) ROCK.

For my friends, soon-to-be-friends or tweeps (and of course, the Lance Armstrong Foundation staff that I adore)....know that I'm there in spirit with you today. I think you all ROCK for fighting against cancer and making your voices heard. Thanks for all the fundraising that will go towards raising awareness and helping cancer patients/survivors.

I will be there next year. Circling the calendar now. :)


Monday, October 18, 2010

The Present

"The older one gets the more one feels that the present must be enjoyed.
It is a precious gift, comparable to a state of grace." -Marie Curie
As quoted from the movie, "Kung Fu Panda"...
"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, today is a gift, that's why it's called the present."

Saturday, October 2, 2010


In celebration of LIVESTRONG Day on Sat. 10/2 (**TODAY**) in San Diego, join us for the film screening of the movie “MY RUN” @ The SAN DIEGO FILM FESTIVAL – October 2nd & 3rd. Wear your LIVESTRONG Yellow colors!!

“MY RUN” will make its San Diego Premiere at the SAN DIEGO FILM FESTIVAL on Saturday, Oct. 2nd at 3PM and Sunday, October 3rd at 5:30PM - At the Gaslamp Theater (701 5th Avenue, San Diego, Ca). You may purchase Tickets and add “MY RUN” to your San Diego Film Festival Calendar by clicking here.

“MY RUN” is the inspirational documentary narrated by Billy Bob Thornton, about a real super hero, Terry Hitchcock, who ran 75 consecutive marathons in 75 consecutive days after his wife died of breast cancer. "Like" on Facebook by clicking here. Or "follow" on Twitter by clicking here. Filmmakers will be in attendance!!

Looking forward to seeing you all there! Please invite your friends, buy your tickets ASAP (!!!) and don't forget to wear your LIVESTRONG colors!

If you're not in San Diego -- show your support today for those fighting cancer by wearing yellow! Sign up for your commitment for LIVESTRONG Day or learn more about it on

As always, thanks for your support in kicking cancer to the curb. This is near and dear to my heart, and I speak for the 10 million people fighting cancer around the world when I say "thank you" for the continued support and fight against this disease!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

5 Ways to Celebrate LIVESTRONG Day With Social Media

LIVESTRONG Day is tomorrow, 10/2. I'm really looking forward to it, and I know ya'll are, too! Even if you can make an event in your local town, check out the latest LIVESTRONG Blog post for some ideas of how you can help online through social media!!
(Come on...I just KNOW this is perfect for you tweeters, facebookers, bloggers, podsters, etc.)

Click here to read the LIVESTRONG Blog and grab some great ideas!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

LIVESTRONG Day - San Diego Film Festival

In celebration of LIVESTRONG Day on Sat. 10/2 in San Diego, join us for the film screening of the movie “MY RUN” @ The SAN DIEGO FILM FESTIVAL – October 2nd & 3rd. Wear your LIVESTRONG Yellow colors!!

“MY RUN” will make its San Diego Premiere at the SAN DIEGO FILM FESTIVAL on Saturday, Oct. 2nd at 3PM and Sunday, October 3rd at 5:30PM - At the Gaslamp Theater (701 5th Avenue, San Diego, Ca). You may purchase Tickets and add “MY RUN” to your San Diego Film Festival Calendar by clicking here.

“MY RUN” is the inspirational documentary narrated by Billy Bob Thornton, about a real super hero, Terry Hitchcock, who ran 75 consecutive marathons in 75 consecutive days after his wife died of breast cancer. "Like" on Facebook by clicking here. Or "follow" on Twitter by clicking here. Filmmakers will be in attendance!!

Looking forward to seeing you all there! Please invite your friends, buy your tickets ASAP (!!!) and don't forget to wear your LIVESTRONG colors!

Friday, September 24, 2010


That's right --- we have formed an official Cures Rock! Running team to raise funds and run the LIVESTRONG Austin Half/Full Marathon in Feb 2011!

See the latest LIVESTRONG Blog for info: LIVESTRONG Blog » Blog Archive » Run, LIVESTRONG, Run

Go to the site to learn more, then sign up and select the "CURES ROCK!" team in the drop-down team list. Looking forward to running with you all....and leaving Cancer quakin' in its cowboy boots!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

We Remember.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Stand Up 2 Cancer

Can you envision stopping Cancer in its tracks?

I can. And so can a lot of other people.

TONIGHT is the "Stand Up to Cancer" special (8pm PT/ET & 7pm CT on NBC/ABC/CBS/Fox).

Cancer takes one person every minute. One life in a moment. They are our family, our best friends, ourselves.

In the time it's taken me to write this blog while I'm snacking on my lunch and the sun is shining outside --- Cancer has taken 10 more people from this world.

For me or any of us to wait any longer for someone else to save our lives and the lives of those we love is absolutely unforgivable. I started the Cures Rock! global advocacy and awareness campaign for young adults battling cancer because I was inspired to act based on my own personal experience with the disease -- and I knew I just couldn't "sit back" and rely on the current health system alone to do it.

SU2C has a similar mission statement (and they love the color orange as much as me!). They are calling on the public to help take matters into our own hands, investing in a revolution that will change the way scientists work to understand and treat these diseases. Stand Up To Cancer is more than "just another TV special." It is a force that we need to urgently move cancer research forward.

Please take the time tonight to watch the TV special (not that you have a choice because ALL the major networks are going to air this show!) --- and donate while you're at it. For those like me that aren't the hugest TV fans (shh...) -- take it to the 'Net.

Cancer -- you'd better start running for the hills 'cause the Internet and TV-land is ready to come crush your sorry bootie today. CURES ROCK! (Cancer does not.)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My "Re-Birthday"

One year ago today, I received test results back from my oncologist that I was “unremarkable.” That’s right – my momma always told me I was special, but in the case with cancer last year, I didn't mind her being wrong. Being cancer-free was music to my ears last September.

For the record, the battle doesn't stop once someone is cancer free --- and being in remission is not the same as cured. There are doctor visits, side effects and repercussions from so much "poison" (a.k.a. chemo) & "glow-worm" (a.k.a. radiation) treatments, and the fun of always looking over one's shoulders. It's why I won't give up with my Cures Rock! campaign -- because early detection & survivorship is key...and we still need to find a cure.

Since 09-09 became a special day in my books for a multitude of reasons, in honor of the ~900,000 people living with blood cancer in the U.S., I’m asking you all to do something “remarkable” today in the fight against cancer – and here’s a few ideas (You didn’t think I’d leaving you hanging, did you?):

* Mark 10/2 on your calendar and get ready for LIVESTRONG Day! I’ll be posting our San Diego activities here soon, so stay tuned! You can also host your own event. Visit the LIVESTRONG web site for more information!

* Sign-up today to participate in San Diego’s premier Swing Fore! Yellow Golf Charity Classic on November 1, 2010 to benefit LIVESTRONG. (You can also fundraise for LAF to raise your player fee & funds for the charity, so ping me if interested in that option.)

* Join the “Cures Rock!” Team for the San Diego Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s “Light the Night” event on November 5, 2011. I’m trying to get 100 people to join our team with each person raising $100! Go to our team site at: , scroll to the bottom & click the “join” button! OR, donate $9 to my LTN fundraising by clicking here!

* Join the “Cures Rock! Team” at the Surf City Race in Huntington Beach (5K, Half or Full Marathon races in February 6, 2011). This race sells out early, so go to, choose the “Cures Rock!” Running Club on the sign-up form. A percentage of the race entry fees goes back to the CR Running Club to keep our CR activities moving forward! (No fundraising required for this event.)

* Join the Cures Rock! Team to raise funds for the Lance Armstrong Foundation AND run the Austin Half/Full Marathon in Feb 2011 -- or donate $9 to my fundraising by clicking here! You can DONATE or SIGN UP online for our team at: (minimum fundraising is $500, although I’d love to form a team of 10 runners to raise $1000 each!)

Thanks for your continued support and for joining the fight against cancer. Cures Rock and so do you! I hope to see my family, friends, co-workers, online virtual pals and cancer warriors at some of these events!

And now, it's time for a cupcake (or two or three)...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Who would have thought that a Letter to the Editor I submitted to my local paper, would turn into these great articles? Many thanks to the Del Mar Times & Solana Beach Sun for publishing the story today.

Click here for the Letter to the Editor I wrote last week (Del Mar Times)...which spawned the following article that was published today in the Del Mar Times & Solana Beach Sun newspapers today!

This was all about reaching out to my local community. This month is also National Leukemia & Lymphoma Cancer Awareness month so anything I can do to shed light on cancer is my small way of paying it forward.

For those that are battling cancer, or supporting someone you love that is, check out the following resources:

Lance Armstrong Foundation:
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society:
Planet Cancer (for Young Adults w/ Cancer):

There are some great ways to get involved in our local community, too:

Swing Fore! Yellow Golf Charity Classic (to benefit LIVESTRONG) - November 1st!! (Register at:

Surf City Half/Full/5K Race (Huntington Beach, CA) -
(Sign up on the "Cures Rock! Running Club" team soon! Race sells out early!!)

Light the Night: San Diego - Cures Rock! Team - November 5th (Join our CR team at:

There are so many other ways to be involved from Team LIVESTRONG to Team in Training to your own unique idea to raise cancer awareness! I'll post more here soon!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Ten Two

10//2. The day that changed Lance's life forever, when he was diagnosed with cancer. For me, I can remember my own C-day back in 2006 like it was yesterday.

10/2/2010 is Global LIVESTRONG Day. Check out the latest LIVESTRONG blog for more information --- and stay tuned as I'll be posting about our own San Diego LIVESTRONG day (or plan your own)!

LIVESTRONG Blog » Blog Archive » Ten Two

Friday, August 20, 2010

Imagine A World Without Cancer

This video was shown today at the International Union Against Cancer's (IUAC) World Cancer Congress in Shenzen, China. It's one of my favorite of the LIVESTRONG video serious, showing how we still need to fight to change the stigma of cancer around the world.

"Imagine a World Without Cancer" video: LIVESTRONG Blog » Blog Archive » Imagine A World Without Cancer

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Calling All Post-Treatment Survivors

Ok, you rockin' survivors -- now's your chance to pay-it-back and pay-it-forward. Help out the Lance Armstrong Foundation with this Post-Treatment survey for survivors!

Here's the link to the LIVESTRONG Blog article: Calling All Post-Treatment Survivors

Friday, August 13, 2010

LIVESTRONG Blog: My Long Run

Amazing inspiration from another ultra-runner pounding the pavement to fight cancer. Check out the latest LIVESTRONG blog at: LIVESTRONG Blog » Blog Archive » My Long Run

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cures Rock! Spirit

"The waiting room was filled with people twice my age," said one of my best friends that was having surgery to remove skin cancer. "I know the feeling," I said, having been in her shoes before with my own cancer battle.

This was yesterday, and it served as a reminder and a motivator to keep the "Cures Rock!" advocacy campaign moving. It's important to raise awareness about cancer in young adults...and the very different life challenges and concerns we have when going through it.

I've lapsed a little over the past month on my blog, twitter, etc. Many of you have pinged me asking what's up. To be honest, I needed to take a month to regroup, refocus and think about where things were going to head next. Not a bad idea considering the first half of this year was filled with three marathons and a half marathon to raise funds for cancer research, the Cures Rock! Tour (ultra run from CA to AZ), the Guinness World Record Run, planning golf tournaments, etc. Together, not only have we touched a lot of lives, but together, the Cures Rock! advocacy team (all of you) has raised a lot -- and I mean... A LOT -- of money to support non-profit cancer organizations. You all just plain ROCK. *whew*

So, I admit. I was a tad burnt out there the past few weeks and needed to pour lots of hours into my job (yes, I have a day job) and also refocus my vision for Cures Rock!

However, there were two things yesterday that have snapped me back into action:

1. One of my best friends reminding me that the young adult population is the "orphan" cancer generation -- often left in waiting rooms as the so-called odd (wo)man out.
2. I had a reunion with my sisters that were both in town, and we spent the day at the beach with my neices and nephew.

Specifically, #1 reminds me "why" I'm doing what I'm doing --- to change the stigma of cancer and raise awareness about young adults facing many aspects of it. #2 reminds me of my own fight and how grateful I am to be a survivor, so I can enjoy these type of days with my family. It reminds me of my own faith that someday my little nieces and nephew will grow up and say, "What's cancer?" Cures Rock! will have had a part in that effort.

This is what Cures Rock! is all about, folks. So, enjoy your summer, 'cause we're (yees, I said "we" which includes "you") about to get serious with some advocating, fundraising and all aroud social media, tweeting, facebooking, blogging, skyping -- you name it--- and soon. :) Any suggestions you have, I'd love to hear.

In the meantime, there are a few events on the calendar if you'd like to get involved with Cures Rock! a little more:

1. LIVESTRONG Swing Fore! Yellow Charity Golf Classic - November 1, 2010!!! This is going to ROCK, so please support our first annual golf fundraiser to benefit the Lance Armstrong Foundation here in San Diego, CA!

2. Cures Rock! Light The Night Team to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. It's a 1 miles walk for kids and adults of any age, fundraiser, and a way to remember those battling cancer, surivors or those we've lost to the disease. Stay tuned for details. (Mark your calendar for November 2010.)

3. Cures Rock! Running Club - Surf City 5K/Half/Full Marathon in Huntington Beach, CA (Feb 2011). Sign up at: and select the Cures Rock! running club. A percentage of your entry fee will go back to Cures Rock! so we can start to take things to the next level.

CURES ROCK! Keep of the fight! Keep sharing your stories!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


"Faith is to believe what we do not see, and the reward of this faith is to see what we believe." - St. Augustine

Pic: Amazing rainbow picture taken in Missouri. Click here for credits and more photos.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Date for Swing Fore! Yellow

We have a new date for our Swing Fore! Yellow event!! It's been postponed to November 1, 2010 --- and trust me --- this is going to be one star-studded, cancer kickin' LIVESTRONG event that you won't want to miss!
And....the best part can FUNDRAISE to cover your player fees, and it all goes to the Lance Armstrong Foundation!!! (More info to come on this new addition!)
Fore! more information on volunteering, sponsoring or being a player for the event, go to:

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Meet Mike Sheehy - Guinness World Record Holder!

You've all read my blogs about my crazy Cures Rock! adventures....many of them in thanks to my good friend, Mike Sheehy, who likes to use his endurance running talent to help me kick cancer to the curb. The inspiration he's provided to so many cancer patients and survivors like me is endless!!

On June 6, 2010, Mike broke the Guinness World Record (GWR) for "most amount of miles run in one week by an individual" (He holds the record at 408.4 miles.) And, he did it all in the name of kickin' cancer to the curb! Two words = Holy macaroni!!

If you're in the Southern California area, you'll have a chance to meet Mike TOMORROW, as he'll be sharing about his GWR adventures and why he did it! They'll be stories, a "fun run," prizes and snacks!

WHERE: The Running Center - Temecula
TIME: 6 p.m. sharp
WHAT: Mike Sheehy Meet-Up re: Guinness World Record

  • The Running Center will start at 6pm with Mike Sheehy sharing his GWR stories (and lies) for a few minutes. Maybe it'll take 10-15 mins?
    Then, they'll allow time for autographs/photos/making-fun-of-Mike. How many times can you say you met a Guinness World Record holder? ;) Bring a camera.
  • All this will be followed by an optional "fun run" (with routes of 2, 4 or 6 miles). You do not have to stay for the fun run, but walkers and runners are welcome (so if you're not a runner, grab a map, come on out an walk a couple miles...I think it ends at a dog park, so bring your dog if you're so inclined). Be ready to go in your running/walking gear if you're coming!
  • Following the run, they'll have some snacks, pizza, etc. (that's foodie until after you burn some calories!)
Even if you can't stay for the run, it'll be a fun chance to hear from Mike for a couple minutes, or at least slap him on the back for being crazy enough to run 408 AMAZING miles in one week, all in the name of kicking cancer to the curb. If you have any local running friends -- please let them know, too!

I'll also be there, so anyone up for a "Cures Rock! Meet-Up"....come on out!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010


"Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and success of liberty.”

- J.F. Kennedy (35th U.S. President)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Swing Fore! Yellow Charity Golf Classic

The San Diego crew is at it again with another event to kick cancer to the curb.

"This partnership demonstrates the power of sport in furthering social change and we welcome the golf community to the LIVESTRONG movement." - Doug Ulman

On August 2nd, we're hosting the Swing Fore! Yellow Golf Charity Classic at Maderas Golf Club to raise funds for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. (More info at:

We need volunteers from San Diego -- we need golfers! -- we need sponsors! Please help us spread the word: Tell your friends, tweet, blog, wiki, skype...whatever you can do! If you have any questions, feel free to comment on this post or send an email!

Thanks for all your support! We look forward to seeing you out there at our charity golf classic on 8/2! LIVESTRONG!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

PRICELESS: Seattle Rock 'n' Roll Race

2009 Seattle Half Marathon during Chemo? 3:12:45.

2010 Seattle Half Marathon without Chemo? 2:40:41.

Still alive to run a great race with TNT & LIVESTRONG friends today?


Today's race was all about celebrating life and enjoying each moment of running. Last year, I ran the Seattle Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon while I was doing chemotherapy to treat my cancer. There was a group of friends that stuck by my side to ensure I finished it -- and trust me, they endured some of my most brilliant "bite me" moments, weakness and frustration. As friends, runners and fellow cancer warriors -- they knew I could do it. (And, they actually remained friends with me later, which is cool.)

(Looking back, it makes me realize that it probably wasn't the smartest thing I've ever done -- but it was what I needed to do to fight. Thanks, Coach Bill, for helping me pull it off -- both in getting me through last year's race, and helping me with a year of recovery and training so I could keep on using my running with TNT as a personal way to fight back. Means the world to me.)

Today, I went back to run the Seattle RNR Half Marathon. I couldn't leave unfinished business with that course -- and trust me, it had whopped me good last year. Today's mission was just to enjoy myself, look for bald eagles and look at the lake, -- and, remember that it's not about that finish line, but the journey taking oneself to it. And for that reason alone, it was a special day.

This race was for, and about, all my favorite cancer warriors. Last night, I wrote Ty's name on my bib (a.k.a. Captain Cure artist), as he just finished his 1st chemo of his recurrent cancer. I talked to him on the phone last night, and have to say that I'm honored to have him in my life. He was speaking at the Relay For Life's Luminary event today, so I missed him, but he ran all 13.1 miles with me in spirit. Ty, you are a true warrior, and we're all behind you.

This morning, I was texting and texting...and then texting some more, to ensure I met up with first-time marathoner and a member of Team LIVESTRONG, Amanda H. She's a fellow LIVESTRONG grassroots supporter hailing from Kansas City (Rock Chalk Jayhawks!!). We met at the 2008 LIVESTRONG Summit, but haven't seen each other since! Today, I had the honor to connect up with her at the starting line (and of course, text back and forth after our finishes).

Of course, I couldn't imagine running this race without my San Diego Team in Training teammates. Last year, so many of them got me through this race, so it was emotional, exciting and well, just plain all get together to run it again. From the starting line through the finish line, we had fun telling stories, running in silence, slowing down when I was processing a few rough moments in thinking about last year's chemo race and smiling BIG when we split off from the marathoners (happy with our choice to only run the half this year). Huge thanks to Erin McK & Kim L. for running with me today & sharing such a big celebration! Today's race was just plain ol' fashion FUN.

I also love surprises -- and right as we hit the 26 mile marker, I ran into a personal *surprise* spectator...a dear friend that came to cheer me in. (Thanks, T.) It was like icing on the top of the cupcake! (I love cupcakes, too.)

At the finish line, I met up with my girl, Ensley E. (a.k.a. Enz) who is one of the most amazing Cures Rock! warriors and sweetest folks that I know. She fights like hell to make sure we find a cure for cancer -- which is something I deeply love about her.

I also met up with a fellow blogger, Art R. (Racn 4 A Cure blog) and fellow TNT teammate from Virginia. After a year of blogging about cancer survivorship and running/racing to find a cure, we finally met in person. Art, you are amazing -- keep up the inspiration!!

As you can see -- the race today wasn't about the finish line. Life is short. It truly is not about the "outcomes," but about the race and journey along the way. In fact, as we headed into the finish line chute today, I asked my girlfriends to slow down. I wanted to soak in every last minute of this journey and live in the moment. Who knows what life brings any of us or what the next year holds. However, I can tell you this, if you take the time to live in the moment, to appreciate the souls around you, to do something for someone else -- and to live each day as though it's your last -- life will take on a whole new perspective.

Congrats to everyone that ran in today's race. A special thank you to all cancer warriors raising funds and racing for a cure. CURES ROCK!

1. Bib - running in honor of B & Ty.
2. Coach Bill, the Coach that helped me believe that running a marathon after cancer WAS possible.
3. Meeting up with fellow LIVESTRONG-er and Summit Delegate, Amanda, at the starting line.
4. Me, Kim & Erin running on the freeway overlooking Seattle.
5. Ensley and me at the finish line.
6. Julie (Cures Rock! blogger) & Art (Racn 4 a Cure blogger) meet up at the finish line and show off our fundraising "rock star" jerseys.

Friday, June 18, 2010

First Connections & Lasting Friendships

I'll leave it up to LLS to share my story, but it was certainly fun to see this article on the LLS Blog today.

It's about my first connection with a peer that was also going through AML leukemia treatment years ago. Turns out her husband works where I work (and worked for Mike, the runner that ran on my behalf when I was first diagnosed). We don't live in different states like the article fact, I work in the city she lives in. But the rest of the story is right on...after all these years, we still missed each other at the race!!
Cori is a pretty amazing person, and it was a huge help to be able to virtually chat with someone about the fight we were going through. Cori, you rock. Cures Rock!
Cori P. & my twin, Angie -- at the finish line of their half marathon. This is the pic they texted me while I was still out running the full marathon. I was so excited to know they had found each other out there!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Failure is Not an Option

A few folks have emailed and asked me what got me through my 5th marathon last week. One word = FINO.


Yes, I realize I have "borrowed" this phrase from the Apollo XIII mission, but it's what has seen me through some tough cancer battles...and sometimes equally tough marathons. You see...the whole Apollo XIII drama starts with the simple statements:

Swigert: 'Okay, Houston, we've had a problem here.'
Duke: 'This is Houston. Say again please.'
Lovell: 'Uh, Houston, we've had a problem.'

Ok, so, I didn't have a cyrogenic oxygen tank explode -- but I did have to hear the words, "You have cancer." And years ago, as I stared at my doctor, I suddenly found myself thinking,... "Houston, we have a problem."

As the history books reflect (at least in the movie), as Apollo XIII approached the critical earth-to-moon decision loop, Gene Kranz (the lead flight director) announced to his crew in Houston :

"Failure is not an option."

Somehow, this all made sense in my cancer battling world -- and seems to translate to the world of marathoning for me now. Yes, I do wonder if Kranz had meant that failure had been an option at one time but wasn't any more??? The mission was beyond testing physical limits. It was far more than testing athletic endurance or engineering prowess. It was an unfolding study in problem solving --- a solution-finding, keep-the-faith-against-all-odds sort of spectacularly rare, defining moment.

My sisters and I were trolling through some old slides, and this one of the three of us visiting my dad in his aerospace engineering work days made me smile (see pic). Yes, this past weekend, as I ran my 5th marathon (3rd marathon this year!), the word "FINO" was written in indelible marker on my arm in huge letters. I draw on the strength of that statement in tough moments. You see, creativity and the willingness to solve life-threatening problems doesn't always have to be inspired by a "muse." Sometimes it's a sheer force of reaction that is triggered when all else fails, when you hit the "dark night of the soul."

Over the past few years, I've found that it's those moments in my life, when *everything* is at stake and failure is possible (but not an option, of course) --- when our assumptions about life are being challenged and how things "should be" just won't work anymore -- it is then that we launch new plans...

Kranz said, "Forget the flight plan. From this moment on we are improvising a new mission. How do we get our men home?"

For all of you out there hearing those words, "You have cancer" --- or for those that have heard it before --- or for those running your first marathon races --- just remember, "FINO." While you may have to adjust to the challenges of a tough situation, learn to forget your current flight plan. It's easier to quit (but don't). I've found that tough and unexpected moments can evoke such creative change in our lives, but only if we're not allowed to "abort the mission." Launch a new mission in your life, and dream bigger than you could ever imagine.


(From L to R) Me, Jenny & Angie at my dad's aerospace work as kids.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Guinness World Record Officially Certified!

What an amazing day. Mike Sheehy was officially certified as the new Guinness World Record "Most Amount of Miles Run in One Week" and received the award at the end of the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon!!! True to his spirit and promise, he immediately donated the award to the San Diego/Hawaii Chapter of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). Over $42,000 (and counting) was raised by these efforts.

A bunch of other personal records (P.R.'s) were set this week by a few thousand other runners that trained and ran their first marathons, also raising funds for LLS through their Team in Training Program. I know there were a few of my blog readers that apologized for "only" give a few dollars to my crazy adventures -- but I wanted to share with you how amazing those dollars add up -- they DO make a difference. 4,000 runners raised funds for LLS and together (for this event alone) they raised a collective $12 Million!!! THANK YOU! (There were 30,000 runners on the course today --- maybe next year, we'll have a third of those athletes raising for charity! Maybe one of them will be you!!)

Today was National Cancer Survivor's Day, so I'd like to thank everyone that has helped, cheered and donated to support the LLS. I am alive today, and this organization's research and patient services has a huge part in that reason. (THANK YOU, LLS!!)

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. So I'll leave the rest of my blog up to them to describe this amazing race day (yup, I'm was one hot, humid day out on that race course today...).

2010 San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon:


1. Jenna K. (LLS Director) and Mike S. show off the new Guinness World Record!
2. Starting line (from L to R): Julie, Karin, Pat, Erin, Mike & Enz!
3. Julie, Jeanette & Erin strike a pose with the infamous TNT cheerleaders along highway 163! (We love them every year!)
4. The wonder twins with their medals...celebrating National Cancer Survivor's Day!
5. Twitter pals, Julie (TNT San Diego) and Marvin (TNT L.A.) share a fun "tweet up" moment
6. Mike & Jules at the finish line of the SD RNR Marathon
7. Enough said. Thanks to all that donned the "Cures Rock!" temp tattoos during the race!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Speechless: GWR Day 6.

It's hard to write a blog post when one is speechless. Today was one of those days made up of the stuff that dreams are made was surreal and one of the most special days.

Today, I watched Mike run past the current record and unofficially break the GWR record! The official GWR auditor comes tomorrow, but it doesn't matter. In my book, Mike has won. I am proud, humbled, amazed and honored to know him....and touched that he'd even spend a moment with me today. He makes me believe we WILL cure cancer. He makes me believe I WILL stay in remission.

I came away from this moment tonight speechless and reflective. I walked away from the crowds and sat by Mission Bay watching the fireworks (I've nicknamed "Mike's Fireworks") above the surface of the water and waited for him to come back to the hotel.

I promise I will write more about the Guinness World Record Attempt tomorrow, but for tonight, I think I'm just going to smile and go to bed. Instead of sadly attempting to capture this day in words, I am going to soak up every moment of this excitement and awe first.

1. Mike spraying the crowd with a Guinness beer to celebrate "unofficially" beating the record
2. The fireworks across the bay at Sea World...a.k.a. Mike's fireworks tonight.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's a draw...

"The only way to achieve the impossible is to
believe it is possible." -Alice in Wonderland

Today was a long and tough day out there on the Guinness World Record Attempt course. Mike had it tough as the day turned into night...and he was still out there running. I had to work all day, so I couldn't get out there to see him until afterwards, but he still had a few hours to run.

By the time I got there, I saw a road-weary friend so I admit that a part of me was worried. Not about whether or not he'd finish (I knew he would), but about his body. Until I saw him run in -- If you haven't seen Mike run in smooth, ultrarunner, gazelle like strides, you are missing out on something amazing. The headlamps came out, Mike narrowed the team of runners on the course once it got dark, and we all waited to see him finish, staring into the darkness to look for any sign of a neon vest. When we saw them, there were cheers.

When Mike stopped for a second, I said, "Way to kick cancer's ass, Mike!!!" which was followed by claps from all those around the finish line. He smirked, shook his head wearily and said, "Today, I think it was more of a draw."

While I realize that Mike's too busy running to read my blog this week -- I'm still going to post a reminder about how this is nowhere near a draw. A star burns up it's very essence to bring light to others. It may have been a tough day, but Mike, you are bringing hope and inspiration to cancer fighters, survivors and families everywhere. You're raising thousands of dollars in the name of finding a cure for cancer (by the way, folks, click here to please help donate to LLS & help us reach the GWR goal!!). THAT is not a draw. THAT IS KICKING CANCER'S ASS. Sure, it's a tough day. But, you're helping us win this war on this freakin' stupid, deadbeat disease. For that, I am grateful more than you'll ever comprehend.

I thought I'd post a few reminders of the lives you've touched that are at the receiving end of those dollars you're raising. Perhaps these cancer fighters & survivors will provide a little inspiration for your run tomorrow. CURES ROCK. You are a rock STAR, Mike. Keep on truckin', my friend.

1. Julie (Leuk survivor) & Grant (TNT Honored Teammate & 3 yrs old Leuk patient) *Hog wild!*
2. Best reception...ever. Talk about a family that kicked cancer's bootie!
3. Red. Need I say more?
4. The Gong at Cardons Children's Hospital

Lance Armstrong's "Tour de France" Dedication to Julie

A great reminder that I had armies of support beside me in my fight. (Thanks, Lance!) Even with the recent media, this video isn't about the bike...but the fight against cancer. LIVESTRONG!

Stage 2 Dedication: Julie Westcott -- powered by

Guinness World Record Broken to Fight Cancer

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