Monday, May 30, 2011

In Gratitude on Memorial Day

Take time today to remember those that paid the ultimate sacrifice and to thank those in military that continue to protect our freedom.

Here are a few ideas on how you can observe the day today.... visiting cemeteries and placing flags or flowers on the graves of our fallen heroes. visiting memorials. flying the U.S. Flag at half-staff until noon. flying the 'POW/MIA Flag' as well (Section 1082 of the 1998 Defense Authorization Act). participating in a "National Moment of Remembrance": at 3 p.m. to pause and think upon the true meaning of the day, and for Taps to be played. renewing a pledge to aid the widows, widowers, and orphans of our falled dead, and to aid the disabled veterans.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Vote! (& Bring LIVESTRONG Programs to YOUR Hometown)

Each day LIVESTRONG stays focused on people with cancer. Today they need our focus.

Please visit this site and vote for an organization near you to receive program funding. These funds will help people with cancer and their loved ones find support, gain strength and teach others how to LIVESTRONG.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Vote & Bring LIVESTRONG Cancer Funding to *Your* Home Turf

The LIVESTRONG Community Impact Project is now open for voting.

Go to now and set the course of the fight against cancer in your community. This if your change to bring LIVESTRONG funding to *your* hometown --- by voting for the programs in your region that you'd like to see funded.

This is an amazing opportunity to make a difference for these programs and your own home turf.

(Please, share this message when you are done voting so your friends and family can also vote!)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

LIVESTRONG Blog » 8 Weeks Out, 8 Reasons to Register

8 weeks out until the LIVESTRONG Challenges Series begins -- and LIVESTRONG gives us 8 great reasons why we won't want to miss it! Click on the link to read their latst blog:
LIVESTRONG Blog » Blog Archive » 8 Weeks Out, 8 Reasons to Register

Lance Armstrong's "Tour de France" Dedication to Julie

A great reminder that I had armies of support beside me in my fight. (Thanks, Lance!) Even with the recent media, this video isn't about the bike...but the fight against cancer. LIVESTRONG!

Stage 2 Dedication: Julie Westcott -- powered by

Guinness World Record Broken to Fight Cancer

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500 Miles. 17 days. 2 States. 1 Mission to Cure Cancer.
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