Saturday, March 8, 2008

10 Miles of hills!

It was another crazy/fun day of TNT today! I was asked to provide the "Mission Moment" today, which means that right before we set out on our team run, I was given a few minutes to speak to our running group to tell my story of being a survivor and my interaction with TNT and the L&L Society. I felt so privileged to have a chance to tell these amazing, giving people how grateful I am for all this time (and physical energy) they are giving to charity and helping to find a cure! These people rock!

Pic #1: Me, Lisa & Jen (my running buddies) getting some Powerade after we slayed the huge hill!

That's right, folks. We did a 10 mile run on hills today...uphill...both ways. or, at least it felt like it. It's supposed to be our hardest run of our season. To put this in perspective, we have runs that will go 14 miles and 20 miles, etc. So, if this measly 10 mile run is the "hardest" have an idea now of the sheer amount of hills we were climbing. It's always a bad sign when Coach hands us a running map down a road called "Black Mountain Rd." Uh...yeah. Not a good sign.

There was a great 1.5 mile stretch going down this large hill...felt great. But, as my physics teacher taught me, what goes up, must go down. Sadly, in running, the reverse is also true (run down hill, must run back up it). I curse gravity today. Running up that steep hill was insane! Then, just when we ran down a mini-hill thinking we were done, we turned the corner and there was another hill. I'm not talking "incline"..I'm talking "hill." But, what kept my spirits up was that some of my friends from work
volunteered for the Aid Stations today during our run. I was never so happy to see someone more in my life -- especially because they set up camp at the very top of the huge hill. (Thanks, Jessica & Steve!)
Pic #2 & Pic #3: Me with co-workers, Jessica & Steve, who volunteered to help work the Aid Stations during our run. (Thanks, Jessica & Steve for volunteering!)
And, last but not least -- It was POWERADE CHALLENGE day!!! The Captain who had the least percentage of their team wearing the L&L Society TNT shirts would be doused with ice coolers of our drinks. The "C" Captain, Greg, lost the challenge (we had your back, Pattie, for Team B!) here's the video of the results:


  1. YEEEHAAAWWWW!!! We all knew that you could do it, Julie!!! Way to go! You look amazing, by the way. Running must suit you!
    Con Amor,
    Tu Gemela

  2. 10 miles? I can't do 10 minutes! That's awesome!

    Jeremy Foster - Vajta, Hungary

  3. Hi, i think that's awesome. Ten miles!! Keep on running. Just to tell you, i've been in remission for four and a half years, and the sport helped a lot, so i'm your fellow survivor. I really get exited when i hear things like this. Awesome!!Praise the Lord! The Lord bless you Julie.

  4. That's awesome, Maximillian! Congrats on your survivorship, too!



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