Friday, September 10, 2010

Stand Up 2 Cancer

Can you envision stopping Cancer in its tracks?

I can. And so can a lot of other people.

TONIGHT is the "Stand Up to Cancer" special (8pm PT/ET & 7pm CT on NBC/ABC/CBS/Fox).

Cancer takes one person every minute. One life in a moment. They are our family, our best friends, ourselves.

In the time it's taken me to write this blog while I'm snacking on my lunch and the sun is shining outside --- Cancer has taken 10 more people from this world.

For me or any of us to wait any longer for someone else to save our lives and the lives of those we love is absolutely unforgivable. I started the Cures Rock! global advocacy and awareness campaign for young adults battling cancer because I was inspired to act based on my own personal experience with the disease -- and I knew I just couldn't "sit back" and rely on the current health system alone to do it.

SU2C has a similar mission statement (and they love the color orange as much as me!). They are calling on the public to help take matters into our own hands, investing in a revolution that will change the way scientists work to understand and treat these diseases. Stand Up To Cancer is more than "just another TV special." It is a force that we need to urgently move cancer research forward.

Please take the time tonight to watch the TV special (not that you have a choice because ALL the major networks are going to air this show!) --- and donate while you're at it. For those like me that aren't the hugest TV fans (shh...) -- take it to the 'Net.

Cancer -- you'd better start running for the hills 'cause the Internet and TV-land is ready to come crush your sorry bootie today. CURES ROCK! (Cancer does not.)

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  1. Great message Julie. I was traveling and not near TV, but this is a great cause. I learned early last week that the dad of a TNT friend lost his battle with leukemia last week. He had been fighting hard for over a year, and went through especially horrific times in the past few months. It was a sobering reminder of why racing for a cure is so important, and why cures rock. Art


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