Saturday, July 5, 2008

Naming My Own Star: Petri

If ya'll remember my earlier post, I was given a present of naming my own star by the TNT Nike Walk Team as part of me being their Honored Teammate this season. They had no idea how very special that was to me. As of today, I officially named my own star, and it's registered with the International Star Registry.

I've taken some time to think about this, but decided to name my star after my loyal shih tzu dog, PETRI, who saw me through some very tough times with my path of cancer. She passed away last year while I was in treatments at the age of 14 yrs, but was the light of my life. Since we all called her a "100 year old alien, who was here to observe life on Earth, "I thought it fitting to name a star after her. She had the spirit of a dragon, so I chose to name a star, Petri, in the Draco constellation (Dragon in Latin). The celebration date I chose was: June 20, 2008, the official Summer Solstice for 2008 (the earliest it's been in 100 years, which was when the first modern Olympics took place, including the modern marathon, also a leap year). Also, when the Egyptian Pyramids were built, one of the shafts aimed toward the star that was then closest to the north celestial pole. Although this is now Polaris, at the time the pyramids were built, the star closest to the pole was Thuban, in Draco, the dragon. The stars close to the pole never set. The Egyptians described these stars as "imperishable" or "undying."

Star: Petri
In Constellation: Draco

(Yes, I realize naming a star isn't recognized by all those scientists out there, but I don't care.) :)

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