Thursday, February 12, 2009

26.2 Miles of Paying-it-Forward

For those that have been following my blog, you know that recently, an opportunity of a lifetime was given to me -- to run in the 2009 Boston Marathon on April 20th! Those of you that know a little bit about marathons and me (and my running abilities...ha ha), also know that I have no business being in the field of one of the oldest and most prestigious marathons in the world. For those that don't, the Boston Marathon is so special, runners have to qualify for it by running a prior marathon at what seems like super-human speeds.
So this where the "opportunity of a lifetime" comes in for me --- I was offered the chance to run the Boston Marathon on Team LIVESTRONG, a team of ~20 people that were selected to run in order to raise awareness for The Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) and cancer survivorship. I'm honored to represent the LAF and will proudly wear our famous, yellow LIVESTRONG gear as I train for the next three months here in CA and on race day running through the streets of Boston. In exchange for the opportunity to run in a field of elite professional and amateur marathoners, I've personally committed to raise $2,500 for the Lance Armstrong Foundation.
I realize that many of you have already generously supported my fundraising efforts for cancer charities in the last year, and I appreciate it more than you know. I also fully realize that these are challenging times for all of us economically and charitable contributions are harder than ever to come by. But I also know that most all of you share a connection to cancer in some way and have a desire to make a difference in the lives of those that are living with it today or may face it in the future. There is no better organization than the LAF for making real differences in peoples lives while fighting cancer. I know this to be true first hand as a cancer survivor, after hearing the dreaded words, “You have cancer.”
Every dollar helps us get one step closer to the ultimate finish line – a cure!
1,500 Americans die every single day from this disease. Think about that for a second…do the math...that is insane! 1 in 2 American men, and 1 in 3 American women will be told they have cancer. Globally, cancer takes more lives each year than AIDS, turberculosis and malaria -- combined! This just needs to change, and in the meantime, those that are fighting every day to survive need our help!
I will be running 3 races in 3 months, raising donations for cancer charities!!!
Boston Marathon on Team LIVESTRONG = April 20, 2009
Rock N Roll Marathon (San Diego) with TNT = May 31, 2009 (with my twin!)
Rock N Roll Marathon (Seattle) with TNT = June 28, 2009
So, in addition to donating my legs to running the 26.2 miles in Boston in April for the Cause (x3 races!), I'm also kicking off this fundraising campaign by going to my wallet. Since the LAF was generous enough to pay for my entry fee for the marathon, I have donated the first $200 to the campaign to get things started and will be covering all of my race and travel expenses. I hope that you consider giving whatever you can spare to support me and The Lance Armstrong Foundation. By doing so, you really are making a difference! Donating online is quick, easy and secure via this link:
Pic #1: LAF Logo
Pic #2: Julie at the LIVESTRONG Summit 2008
Pic #3: Lance Armstrong joking around at the LIVESTRONG Summit
Pic #4: LIVESTRONG! Cancer survivors & caregivers at the Summit
Pic #5: Julie & Lisa running their first marathon
Pic #6: Julie & Doug Ulman (President/CEO, LAF) at Columbus Zoo during final Summit BBQ


  1. Rock on Julie!

    Best of luck. I have always heard amazing things from people who have done the Boston Marathon.


  2. Wow, Julie, that's awesome!! I truly admire your goals and wish you all the best. Can't wait to read about your journey through Boston!


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