Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lance is Back!

Honestly? I wore black all day today -- and yes, I know it was Valentine's Day. No, I wasn't trying to make the statement you think -- I was wearing my LIVESTRONG clothes in support of the fact that LANCE IS BACK! Today was the beginning of the Amgen Tour of California. The last stage will end here in San Diego County (Rancho Bernardo to Escondido, over Palomar Mtn). Our local LIVESTRONG Army of San Diego is geared up and ready to help. We'll be working the Lance Armstrong Foundation's LIVESTRONG Booth at the Lifestyle Expo at the end of the very last stage (in Escondido). Come & visit us and show your support....not just for the Lance's cycling (which rocks), but for the fact that he's doing this to raise awareness of the LIVESTRONG brand and the global campaign on cancer. UNITE with us!
Today was also our 3rd session of the Summer 2009 Season of Team in Training, and it couldn't have been a more gorgeous run along Highway 101. Perfect 60 degree weather. Beautiful skies after the rain. The ocean was sparkling. I am slowly coming back from my ankle injury, and ran 5 miles with the team today. Felt great. Of course, it ended with my ankle in the hand of Anthony, the miracle-worker-sports-masseuse that I have a love/hate relationship with each week. (He's awesome.) I also had the honor of announcing the first-ever, San Diego/Hawaii Chapter-wide "Cures Rock Star" fundraising status for every teammate that raises $1,000 over their minimum fundraising to encourage the team to keep on raising funds for a cure. We already have our first "Cures Rock Star," and he'll be wearing a special TNT singlet on race day for the Rock N Roll marathons. (CONGRATS, Chris!)

Pic #1: North County San Diego TNT Run Teammates cheer on Lance & unite in the fight against cancer! Signs read, "Go Lance, Ride on!" & "Cures Rock!"
Pic #2: My love/hate relationship with Anthony. :)

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Lance Armstrong's "Tour de France" Dedication to Julie

A great reminder that I had armies of support beside me in my fight. (Thanks, Lance!) Even with the recent media, this video isn't about the bike...but the fight against cancer. LIVESTRONG!

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