Monday, March 30, 2009

18 Mile "Train Run" & United in Cancer Fight

Today was our final long run before our taper period prior to the Boston Marathon on April 20th. Our small group of 4 runners took the 6:40 a.m. train up to Oceanside, CA...and then ran all the way back to our cars, 18-21 miles!!!

What started off as a small group of Team LIVESTRONG charity runners (Pattie, Colin, & me) and HP lottery teammate (Marcie) turned into an amazing display of friendship, love and support by our Team in Training (TNT) teammates. All four of us run at different paces, but Marcie and I stuck together for the first ~15 miles. Around Mile 3, we looked up, and Marcie said, "Is that an Aid Station?" -- and sure enough, it was one. Every few miles, our friends and fellow TNT teammates had set up official aid stations to help us through our long run -- outfitted with cheerleading pom-poms and our favorite running snacks (hello, my name is Julie, and I'm addicted to "Cheez-It"s). We ran into another runner as we headed through Carlsbad, and she said, "Wow, there's, like, 20 of you -- how can I join?" So, after explaining how to join Team LIVESTRONG (, I told her there was just a few of us --- we found out a few miles later that she wasn't far off in her estimate --- each aid station had more and more folks out there to support us, and it was a huge surprise. A few even donned their running shoes to pace us and keep us moving! After a week of having the flu, I'm not sure I would have made Miles 15-18 if it wasn't for my friend, Jen (Thanks, chickadee!). All of this, of course, was washed down with beer and pizza (Carbo-loading, right?). Nothing tasted better than downing some amazing chow at Pizza Port with a group of friends that have some of the biggest hearts I know.
What struck me as amazing was that our teammates for our TNT team (raises money to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society) came out to support a few of us on Team LIVESTRONG (raises money to support the Lance Armstrong Foundation). It was a strong reminder that we are all in this fight together to kick cancer to the curb once and for all. I consider these individuals my fellow warriors in this fight...and my friends. A HUGE thank you to all of you for your beautiful show of support, love and friendship, as I head into my final weeks of training before the Boston Marathon. 3 more weeks!

CURES ROCK (& so do all of you!)!!!
Pic #1: Julie, Greg & Marcie at an Aid Station
Pic #2: Colin with cheerleaders/support at Aid Station
Pic #3: San Diego Team LIVESTRONG: Boston teammates w/ TNT supporters
Pic #4: Julie in front of the "Welcome to Boston" sidewalk chalk
Pic #5: Taking over Pizza Port for some well-earned pizza and beer


  1. What a wonderful story. I am so glad that you shared this, and I was so glad to learn that you have no detectable cancer anymore. I know you will have a wonderful time at the Boston Marathon. Live Strong, be strong, Julie! Art

  2. That had to be amazing to see those aid stations..... Aren't people great?


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