Sunday, August 30, 2009

8//30. We Are Not Done.

One year ago today, 8/30, I celebrated being cancer-free.

Cancer survivors celebrate important milestones in their treatments. For example, Lance Armstrong celebrates 10//2 (the day he found out he had cancer) as LIVESTRONG Day around the world.

For me, I celebrated being cancer-free. With cupcakes. Which I proceeded to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner that day.

Cancer came back.

In fact, I forgot about this 8/30 date because it seemed irrelevant to me now -- until my sister reminded me of it. At first, it's easy to inwardly groan and be angry -- and then we quickly set our sights on the fact that soon, we'll be celebrating a new remission "birthday," and many more to follow. I'm honestly looking forward to the day that I can hit my Sweet 16 "Remission" Re-Birthday, like my friend Colin celebrated during our LIVESTRONG Boston Marathon trip.

And, someday, we'll all look back at this journey after we find a cure for cancer and say, "Remember when?"

Maybe it'll be folklore to my nieces & nephew:
Me: "I had cancer."
Them: "What's that?"

THAT is my dream.
THAT is why we lace up our shoes everyday to run or ride.
THAT is why we work so hard to fundraise for a cure.
THAT is why the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and Lance Armstrong Foundation work so hard to help patients and fund research.

We are all a part of something BIGGER than ourselves.

Thank you for all of your support through my battles, and for the support you give to the loved ones in your lives that are also fighting or that may have lost their battle. This day may not signify a cancer-free day for me this year, but it WILL serve as a day that reminds me that...


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Pic 3: Cures Rock! hits the LIVESTRONG Mission Wall at the Global Cancer Summit in Dublin, Ireland.


  1. It's still a big milestone, Julie. And now you will have to add another one when that happens. Start baking those cupcakes! Art

  2. you still running the Disneyland Half Marathon next week?


  3. Hi Michael - Well...I'm way out of shape b/c of all my treatments, but jog/walked about 10mi this weekend and lived to tell about it. ;) So, I think I'll still be planning on heading to O.C. for the race! Email me & I'll pass on my cell phone. I'd love to meet in person, especially since I didn't meet up w/ you when you were doing your crazy-awesome ride from D-land to D-world!


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Lance Armstrong's "Tour de France" Dedication to Julie

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