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Comic Creators for Captain Cure

What began as a week long LIVESTRONG Summit in 2008, springloaded some friendships between folks that may never have met otherwise, but that shared an intense desire to change the world when it comes to the cancer epidemic. In my case, it was working with some incredible individuals, as part of my Summit Delegates Fundraising Track team's projects.

One of those individuals that truly "gets" the spirit of the Cures Rock! Campaign to smash cancer is Ty Wakefield. He's got a heart of a lion and a super-power of tremendous passion to raise awareness about sarcoma cancer. You've heard about Captain Cure Comics before...and now, the comic book #2 is almost ready to be released!

** For Immediate Press Release ** CC 4 CC!

PUYALLUP, Washington (August 15, 2009) -

Cancer, it effects almost everyone in one way or another, and creators of different worlds are no different. Comic book creators from around the US will be joining together for one of their own at Comic Evolution, 206 South Meridian Road, in Puyallup, starting at noon. Special Guests include Kurt Busiek, Mike Grell, Brandon Jerwa, Mark Rahner, and Rick Hoberg. All proceeds from the event going to Ty Wakefield, cancer fighter and creator of Captain Cure Comics.

Captain Cure Comics were born in a hospital room, while Ty was undergoing chemotherapy. Ty has been fighting Osteosarcoma for a little over 2 and half years. "When I researched my type of cancer, I found that maybe 1% of adult cancers are sarcoma, but 15%-20% of childhood cancers are sarcomas, I thought I need to reachout and help, but how?" and then it happened, with just a cheap pen, a napkin, and an idea Captain Cure was born. Captain Cure starts with our heros Jack and Diane, two kids diagnosed with cancer who find unexpected side-effects of the chemo...Superpowers. Their alter-egos: Captain Cure and Metrex fight Cancer and his goons, Sick and Tired for control of the body. Some of the proceeds from the sale of the books going to different charities helping both children and adults fighting cancer. "The comic serves an addional purpose in that it made the stigma of cancer an easy concept for younger readers" Chuck Messinger, Comic Evolution.

The event itself was the brainchild of Chuck and some of Ty's friends in the comic book industry, Alan Burnett of Blackbox Comics and Adam Watson of Darkslinger Comics. "Adam and Alan asked if they could help me out, being that I've help so many others, and at which I blushed and said "Sure if you want" I'm just not used to something like that." Ty Wakefield, and so together the 3 of them started CC4CC. Chuck was able to bring some of the best in the indusry to the even, Mike Grell, artist and writer of such titles as "Batman", "Superboy", and most recently "Warlord. Kurt Busiek, award winning writer of such titles as "Superman", "Conan", and "Astrocity". Brandon Jerwa, writer for "G.I Joe", "Battlestar Galactica" and "Highlander" comics. Seattle Times pop culter critic, Mark Rahner, who just publishe "Rotten" and new comic debuting in 2009, and Rick Hoberg, a comic book artist for "Batman: Brave and the Bold", "Green Arrow", and the "Justice League" he was also an animator for Hanna Barbara.

"We will be hosting an entourage of comic industry leaders for a night to be remembered. Starting at Noon we will have a book signing/Q&A with the artists in attendance. To add to that we will have live music, a huge raffle, and art exclusive to the show on display for sale. The real treat begins at 6pm, when we will have a price per head “Night with the Stars”, where fans of the industry can just hang out with their favorite artists and writers." Chuck Messinger of Comic Evolution. If you would like to get tickets for tonights dinner talk to Chuck or call the store. "I'm so excited, I never thought I would ever meet any of these artists and writers. Thank You so much."

Chuck Messinger, owner Comic Evolution
Phone: (253)-770-6464

#1: Julie Westcott & Ty Wakefield
#2: Ty Wakefield autographing Captain Cure Comics


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