Sunday, May 30, 2010

Guinness World Record Attempt - Day 1

I will probably sound like a broken record this week (pun intended) as I blog about another crazy adventure! :)

Many of you remember Mike Sheehy, the ultrarunner who ran the Cures Rock! Tour in January to help me raise funds for LLS and raise awareness about blood cancers. And, he's been an amazing friend through my own personal battle with cancer over the past few years. Well...the next adventure is finally here...

Mike is going to attempt (and will) to break the Guinness Book of World Records (GWR) for most amount of miles run in 7 days. The goal? To raise another $30,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society AND kick cancer's bootie.

Today was Day 1 of the GWR. It was so great to see so many folks out there, from the GWR Team, Team in Training and Abbott Labs. I admit stomache had butterflies. I was excited for Mike and this attempt...but I was also secretly nervous. At the end of the day, folks, Mike is my friend. I worry for his safety and health. (He'd make fun of me for writing this, but hey...he's running right now, so I know he's not reading my blog...). After the Cures Rock! Tour in January, I know how fun and how tough these events are for Mike and the support crew. But, I have zero doubts that he'll pull this off. He will break this record. And I have no doubts that someday we'll find a cure for cancer.

These dollars save lives. Today, I was so happy to see Ligaya out there with us. She's a fellow young adult blood cancer survivor, like me...and we both share the same re-birthday date of 9-9-09! She met up with our team during the Cures Rock! Tour...and came out today for the kick-off to cheer on Mike. We're both alive because of the services of LLS and funds to help find better therapies. Thank you to all of you that have donated or spread awareness about this extreme event!

My worry started to disappear as the day went on because every time I saw Mike, he was smiling, cracking jokes...and well, being his usual sarcastic self. And, I just knew the day was ultra-amazing when Michellie Jones (yes,THE Michellie Jones) showed up to surprise Mike and ran a leg as an official course witness. It's the first time in a loonnngggg time anyone has seen him speechless, I think. ;) Thank you, Michellie, for making this day so special for Mike and the GWR Run event for LLS!

Also, many thanks to the sponsors, the Running Centers, DJO/Compex and ElliptiGo for supporting LLS & this event! It was great to see you out there today!

Records can be broken.
Cancer can be cured.
Please follow his blog and donate on the GWR website: You can track his progress each day there, read the nightly blog posts, etc. You can also follow the Cures Rock! Fan page on Facebook ( and Twitter (

1. GWR Banner on the official ElliptiGo bike.
2. Ligaya and Julie at Mission Bay GWR Tent

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