Friday, May 14, 2010

One of "those days"...

We've all had 'em. I can empathize. I thought I'd share a quote that stuck with me:

"It's just a matter of looking chaos in the eye and telling it to f*** off..."
(The Ugly Truth, the movie)

It's one of "those days," for me today, but I know I cannot let it get to me. Life is waaayyyy to short to waste a minute on "those days" (or "those mind states") vs. living in beautiful states of mind and sharing our light with the world.

I admit. I have my moments, but overcoming them is amazing. All you cancer survivors and patients out there better be cheering right now. Go look chaos in the eye and give it the 'finger.' :)


'Night, ya'll.

(Pic: Picture courtesy of the Hubble site. Check it out. Love it. Oh, and wish Hubble a happy birthday while you're there...)


  1. I am cheering for you then, if that is what you need today. Hope today, tomorrow, and the next day is 1000% better. Bad days happen. But I bet even in a bad day, you can think back and recall a good moment - even if it were something small, like seeing a pretty flower or hearing a bird sing. Hang in there!


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