Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Questions to Ask & Local Livestrong Army

There was a great article in the NY Times today on questions patients should ask about cancer treatment. Click here to read it.
Tonight was our monthly LIVESTRONG Army call. Believe it or not, one year ago, there were no LIVESTRONG Armies in the U.S., and we now have 300 armies across the U.S. and Canada. How exciting!!! Our local San Diego LIVESTRONG Army will be kicking off this month (another local and myself will be planning the activities and leading the army)…as you know from my earlier blog, we already registered our army. We are completely thrilled to be able to be a part of this Cause.

What is a LIVESTRONG Army? That’s a darn good question! LIVESTRONG isn’t just related to the Lance Armstrong Foundation. “LIVESTRONG” is a state of mind…it’s a strength and willingness to live strong in one’s life….in whatever you do…whether it’s cancer-related or not. The LIVESTRONG Armies are local grassroots advocacy and fundraising groups to promote awareness of cancer-related issues. Our goal is to unite across cancer organizations – therefore, many Army members are involved with all sorts of cancer organizations, like LAF, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, local oncology wards, etc. If you want to sign up for a local Army in your area, let me know, and I’ll find the group for you. If you’re in San Diego and want to get involved, email me! The Armies are for anyone who would like to be involved in uniting to make cancer a national priority!


  1. Those Armies do not only include the US and Canada. I am the leader of the LIVESTRONG Army Europe and I know there is one in Israel, Puerto Rico and people getting organized in Australia, as well. So, this is going global!

    Glad you are starting one in San Diego. I really enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the great work!

  2. Way to spread the word! We have over 300 armies now-that's 300+ people who are dedicated to making cancer a national and international priority. LIVESTRONG!


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