Thursday, January 1, 2009

Resolve to Find the Amazing in '09

As we head into the New Year, why don't we all reflect on this past year of 2008? Remember the friends and family you've loved, and maybe even lost, this past year. Remember those that are still in the fight for their lives. Remind them every day this year that They. Are. Warriors.

We all have amazing stars in our lives. Let's take a moment every day to be grateful for their presence in our lives. In the year of '09, let's resolve to find what is most amazing in ourselves, our lives, our spirits --- and pay it forward. Let's believe in one outrageously, impossible thing every week and then make it a reality. Let's all become a "Yes man" or "Yes woman," find our inner-rebellious streak, and never say no, can't, don't, never and I give up. CURES ROCK. (Cancer does not.) Let's resolve to unite, and kick cancer and pity to the curb in '09.


(Pictured, L to R: Julie and her 'soul sister,' a cancer warrior and amazing woman of God who as of March 2008, rests in His grip.)


  1. You both are stars to me and shine very bright one here on earth and one from the heavens.

  2. Hi Julie, Actually this is Cathy! I just wanted to say that you and my mom are two of the most courageous women I have ever known! And you truly were her soul sister in so many ways. I know she is praying for you (together with Jesus from heaven) RIGHT NOW and I know that she is so proud of you. I will be praying for you too that God will give you the strength you need for this new bend in your road. He will. Also that you will experience God's love in a new way through all of this and know the comfort He gives is a powerful way. I love you sweetie - be strong in Him! MUCH LOVE and prayers! Cathy Coop

  3. Cathy - Thank you so much for leaving that comment. Hugs to you!


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