Sunday, January 11, 2009

TNT - Racing for a Cure

It's hard to believe that our TNT Winter Season is wrapping up. For the Carlsbad half/full marathoners, we're officially in taper mode, and our run was 6,7,8 or 10,11,12 miles. (Thanks to my ankle injury, I was still cheering from one of the Aid Stations.) The Rock 'n' Roll AZ group is ready for their race next weekend (good luck!). It was a great practice at Lake Miramar, although windy. You can feel the nerves and excitement as everyone faces their upcoming races. For many on the team, this is their very first half or full marathon! It's been a difficult week of news, of which I'll write more about's been amazing to see our team pull together and support the LLS Mission even more! Thanks to all that sent some happy love from Mile 11 or Mile 21 during the WDW Half and Full Marathons this weekend. CURES ROCK!
Today, the TNT Walt Disney World marathoners just finished their race (CONGRATS!). Early this morning, I started to get text messages from our team coordinator, Heather, as she saw each of our teammates hit the Mile 21 cheer station during their race. The photos of teammates smiling and holding up their medals (a.k.a. bling) at the finish-line are truly priceless. I saw pics of my name on some of the teammates shirts, received text messages from folks, and I'm honestly very touched. I am also proud and inspired by the heroes that raised money for such an amazing cause...while overcoming some personal and physical hurdles and milestones to complete their race. Team in Training raised over $7 Million dollars for the WDW marathon!!! I can't wait to see the RNR AZ and Carlsbad teams hit their goals, too! I owe you all hugs (I hug heroes).
Pic #1: TNT teammates finished their WDW full marathons today. Look at that bling!
Pic #2: Coach Bill keeping me company at my Aid station at our TNT Saturday practice.
Pic #3: Pooh pointing to my name on Asst. Coach Happy's shirt during his race. (Thanks, Haps!)
Pic #4: Wow...looks like they were having a miserable time along the course (just kidding).


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  1. Hey! Thanks for the comments on my blog. I'd love a fundraising penpal too, so feel free to email with ideas, etc. You did great with your fund-raising. It is really challenging this year, so maybe sharing ideas will make us both reach our goals a little more.

    I think you have a great blog and want to spend some time reading through it.

    This post brings back memories from last year, as I was 2 days away from the Arizona Marathon. I like what you wrote here. Art


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