Friday, May 29, 2009

Heading Into the Final Victory Lap

We're 2 days away from the San Diego Rock 'N' Roll Marathon! The excitement in the city is thick, and I wish you all the best of luck!

Often in this blog, I write about "not being attached to the outcome." I think it's something that all runners eventually learn. No matter how hard we train, one just never knows how race day will go (e.g. illness, injury, weather). Perhaps that's what keeps us all so addicted to this amazing, endurance sport?!?!

This is one of those times when I must practice what I preach. My right tibia injury is side-lining me from this Sunday's marathon. After 4 months of endurance training and fundraising, it would be all-too-easy to be disappointed. However, when I hear the excitement in my TNT mentees voices as they prep their race gear for their first marathon, and I scroll through the amazing fundraising for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society -- I know it was all worth it. I may not be running on Sunday, but it's a "victory lap" of sorts for all those runners, and you can count on me to be "chasing the race," cheering for all runners (whether TNT or not), as they pass me. The point of this season wasn't the running, but the journey. It was learning about blood cancer, working together as a TEAM, overcoming challenges/injuries/sickness and cheering on our Honored Teammates that are currently patients/survivors fighting blood cancer.

Our TNT Coach, Bill Martin, wrote this as part of his email to us today, and I thought it couldn't have been said better:

Sunday is the celebration of 4 months of training & pushing yourselves to extremes that most of you never thought you would ever do. Sunday is the celebration of life that each and every one of you has given a stranger or even a family member because of the funds you have raised and the research you have funded. Sunday is the celebration of your new friendships with your fellow runners, Mentor, Captains and Coaches.

Good luck to everyone on Sunday. Remember: When your feet get tired, run with your heart. Cures Rock!

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  1. I was in that position once, and was very disappointed at first. But on the day of the race, I took great joy in cheering for my friends as they came by. I'll still be cheering for you. Thank your teammates for me for making a difference. Go Julie! Go Tyson Twins! GO TEAM!


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