Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Race "Badge of Honor" (1 Day 'til RNR Marathon)

Around this time tomorrow, we'll see thousands of happy smiles and *bling* around runners' necks as they cross the finish line of the San Diego Rock 'N' Roll marathon. One of my favorite things about running a race is seeing all the reasons people have for running. 360 days of the year, an individual may never talk about what drives them, but on those 5 other days in a year when they run a race, they wear it like a badge of honor.

This weekend's race will be no different. Monica runs for her friend, Diane, that passed away recently from cancer. Myra has small angel wings in memory of her brother, and a zipper on the front of her shirt to show that even with open heart surgery she finished a marathon. Deborah sewed a U.S. Marine Veteran patch on her TNT jersey.

There will be countless of other names, pictures, quotes and badges of honor out there this weekend. Although I won't be running the full marathon due to injury, I'll still wear my TNT jersey which will carry special ribbons in memory or in honor of all our family/friends that have battled cancer. At the suggestion of Angie S. who is currently battling cancer again for the 3rd time -- I've added the word "cancer" to the bottom of my running shoes. As I walk all over the marathon course and run the last 1 miles into the Marine Corp Deport (MCRD) with my twin, we will both be stomping out cancer and kicking it to the curb. CURES ROCK!

I'll be standing in my purple TNT colors next to a group of "Cures Rock!" cheerleaders around the 13.5/14 mile markers (look on your left and you'll see a group of folks in bright orange t-shirts).

Whatever your reasons for running...whatever drives you to run 26.2 miles (or 13.1)...take a moment to *breathe* before crossing the starting line and live in every beautiful moment of the race (no matter how grueling or what endorphin high you're on). Good luck, runners!

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Pic #1: Deborah sewing her Marine Veteran patch onto her race day jersey.
Pic #2: Myra's shirt showing the zipper.
Pic #3: Back of Myra's race day shirt.
Pic #4: Back of Monica's shirt.
Pic #5: Julie's "stomp on cancer" race day running shoes.


  1. Thanks, Julie! I am very proud of my badge of honor... It was earned and I <3 my Marine Corps. I wear it with much honor, courage and committment and will put one foot in front of the other for those who are unable too as they battle cancer. Thanks Julie for being you... It's been a pleasure seeing you out there along your battle and stomp of Cancer. Hugs! Can't wait to see you later!

  2. Hey - Hope it was a fun day stomping Cancer's sorry @$$ into the ground. I am proud of you and your team! Art


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