Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Crossing the Boston Marathon Finish Line and...


...THE TIME OF MY LIFE! (5:41:42)
Everyone on Team LIVESTRONG that crossed the start line at the Boston Marathon crossed the finish line, which was a magnificent sight. To date, we've raised over $125,000 for the Lance Armstrong Foundation which exceeded our goal of $100,000! We'll raise funds for one month after this event, and are targeted to raise $150,000!!! Thank you to everyone that donated to this charity, flew into town to cheer for our team (and all the marathoners), cheered from their computers as they tracked the race, or supported in the many, many ways you all know how to do. A special thanks to the LAF crew, local LIVESTRONG Army and friends that brightened up the Heartbreak Hill section with their crazy cheerleading and to Angie & Colleen for running along side me for a bit. I knew I was home-free at that point and was all smiles through Mile 26.2.
Three months ago, I was fighting a serious ankle injury and going through cancer treatments when this opportunity to run for Team LIVESTRONG at the Boston Marathon came into my life. A few days before this marathon, I was given the "all clear" from my cancer, and I am determined that it will not come back. This race was not only a fundraiser for charity, but a way for me to intend that my fight with cancer is over (and cancer lost). You are heroes in the fight against cancer! THANK YOU!
Note: To see the picture of me crossing the finish line in the Boston Globe'sports coverage of the marathon, click here or go to this link: http://www.boston.com/sports/marathon/gallery/04_20_09_the_finish?pg=30 .
Pictures (Double-click on any pic to see a larger size):
Pic #1: 113th Boston Marathon: My finish at Copley Square in Boston, MA.
Pic #2: Colin, Coach Bill and me after we finished our marathons
Pic #3: The Lance Armstrong Foundation "Survivor" card I wore during the race.


  1. Your story is amazing, Julie. Cancer will think twice, or maybe 10 times, before messing with you again, because you so kicked its @ss!!!! Go Julie go! Art

  2. glad you had an enjoyable experience.


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Lance Armstrong's "Tour de France" Dedication to Julie

A great reminder that I had armies of support beside me in my fight. (Thanks, Lance!) Even with the recent media, this video isn't about the bike...but the fight against cancer. LIVESTRONG!

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