Sunday, April 5, 2009

National Young Adult Cancer Awareness Week

April 5th - 11th is Young Adult Cancer Awareness Week. It is time we educate others on this underserved population....and heck, it's the only perspective I know, since I fall in this group. While I personally believe we need to find a cure for cancer and better prevention/therapies in all age groups, I think this is a great week to post information about our national activities and YA information throughout this week. Big thanks to the Lance Armstrong Foundation and Leukemia & Lymphoma Society for being a part of the Young Adult Alliance.


  1. Everyone interested in cancer prevention should know about vitamin D. The Canadian Cancer society now recommends that everyone takes vitamin D daily to prevent cancer. They made this recommendation over 18 months ago but still very few folk know about this. Take a look at for some good summaries of the data

  2. Gee, I'm 45 so excluded from the group, even as a two time survivor who's raised $10,000's of dollars, volunteered 100's of hours and ridden my bike 1000's of miles for a "Charter Member" of this 'alliance'.

    I'm still unconvinced this plan is the best way to demonstrate "Unity is strength"

  3. Hi Michael - It's a demographic. You're complaining you're excluded from this group? ;) Sounds like you have enough experience in the "C" club. I happen to not fall into other underserved groups, too, like poverty lines and certain racial areas that also need better care and representation on the cancer-front...and in the over 40 crowd (which I'll be in someday) --- but you won't see me wondering why I'm "excluded." If anything, this is about inclusion -- to let others see our battles through our eyes so they understand some of the things we face and come away with some things to think about now. Let's face it, a 90 year old woman with cancer will understand my battle for sure, but she won't be dealing with making choices about fertility like I had to do during my treatments. It's an awareness week -- much like breast cancer awareness month (I don't get offended that I'm not a breast cancer patient those months and appreciate their campaigns of early detection through breast exams), OR "National Quit Smoking Day" which raises awareness on the dangers of tobacco use even though I don't smoke. This week is about AWARENESS. You mentioned, "UNITY IS STRENGTH," but don't forget to also say, "KNOWLEDGE IS POWER" while we're on LIVESTRONG manifesto quotes. I think I was pretty clear in my sentence in my post that we need to find a cures in ALL age groups, as I do agree that UNITY is stregth. And -- part of that UNITY is supporting awareness in so many of the different battles we face...young adult cancer being one of so many. Why should we exclude that over any other awareness campaigns? Or do you equally post on the anti-smoking, child-cancer-awareness blogs, caregiver-support-blogs and all the other awareness blogs, too? Just curious. You know I more than appreciate all that you've done cancer charities, as you've been in this battle first-hand. I see us all united in a cause, and hope you keep an open mind to raising information and knowledge of the gneeral public. The sharing of awareness information is to help folks be better educated about cancer and early detection in young adults. We should keep talking about things even if it makes folks uncomfortable...that's precisely WHY we need to stay united and get the information out to the public to help each other. UNITY IS STREGTH. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING. Just my more-than-two-cents that the manifesto includes all three sentences. Thank you, as always, for your comments. It's great to have multiple persepectives out there -- it's what makes our united battle all the more effective.

  4. Lastly, I didn't know I had a "plan," but I undestand what you're referring to and why since we've discussed it in prior blog posts. ;) I just though given the awareness week, it would be appropriate to let folks know about it. Stay tuned, I'll do the same during Leukemia Awareness month for blood cancer. :)

  5. I did not mean to indicate that you had a plan. Please accept my apologies.

    To address a few of your question:

    I have spoken up about the 'over-hyping' of breast cancer awareness and questioned the motives behind some of the campaigns, Others have too, we usually get hammered for such statements

    I have spoken up about the actions of TnT in the past and questioned the actions behavior and over impact of TnT in races they attend. Others have too, again we usually get hammered for such statements.

    I will ALWAYS speak up when I question the efficacy or general benefit of a cancer awareness or fund raising program. I feel I have earned that right and will put up my credentials and CV in this field for anyone who wants to see that "I walk my talk".

    I just reserve the right to ask questions and make statements when I feel people or groups are "more talk than walk".

    Again please accept my apologies.

  6. Michael - you've earned your stripes, that's for sure. And hey --- the blogging world is a two way street, so I appreciate the comments and it's great you take the time to leave your opinion.

    Hmm...I would appreciate a few non-pink items in October. Couldn't even buy halloween cupcakes without breast cancer awareness ribbons and pink frosting last year. Does that count as over-doing it? :) (Do I really need to think about cancer every second of the day?) I mean, Leukemia Awareness Month (September) and Lung Cancer Awareness Month (November) seem to get overwhelmed by BCAM. Anyways, I know what you mean, and I think we all need to keep looking at what's effective and what's not.

    Thanks for the comments, Michael. No need to apologize.


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