Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 12: Why the Rush?

(seven miles southeast of) Salome, AZ to (one mile onto) Courthouse Road
Today: 31 miles / Total: 398 miles

Guest Blogger: Mike Sheehy

Fresh pacers to the Cures Rock! Team. A few days ago Colin joined us, and today we added “Mustang” Sally and my oldest brother Steve. The two “newbie” team members had all the energy and excitement you could imagine. So we all loaded the vehicles and headed out far West of downtown Phoenix to start we were left off on Highway 72. Yes, yesterday’s end point and today’s start point was the intersection of Hwy 72 and Sore Finger Road. Folks, I can’t make this stuff up, so feel free to insert your own humor here.

After everyone shook of the cold, we started out on Day 12. There was something different about today. Not sure what it was, maybe the new energy Sally and Steve brought, maybe it was sparse traffic, maybe the outstanding weather, or maybe it was the thought of crossing Highway 10 again. Colin and Sally both watched the pace, but the tempo stayed strong all the way to my brother’s leg. When he asked me, “Why the rush?”

Now that is an odd question to ask on Day 12. Who wouldn’t be in a rush after running 11 ultramarathons in a row? After a few minutes of ignoring the question, I told him I am just ready to get to today’s finish line. But what I didn’t say was what I was really thinking. Today’s running tempo or the “rush” comes from the notion that the Cures Rock! Tour is coming to an end. And I have begun to wonder, “Have we done enough?” I have never done anything like this before and just wonder if my rookie mistakes cost the Cures Rock! Team anything. Did we miss a promotional opportunity? Can we do more family visits than what is planned in the next few days? How can we make more money over the next few days? How can we spread the awareness for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society? There are more questions than there are miles.

We all know we have tried our best, but the questions of doubt are starting to creep in as the Cures Rock! Tour begins to find it’s way to Phoenix. I don’t know the answer and we can’t go back in time. We can only hope that somewhere along the way we inspired someone to do something in their community to raise money for cancer research. Or maybe we inspired someone just to run? I am not sure, I just hope we made a difference. As my brother Bill said, “This is something special.” I believe it, but I just don’t want it to end I guess.

The “Live Life to the Ultra” moment today came today after the run. Everyday after the run, the team goes into full prep for tomorrow. I stretch on the floor of the hotel, and the team is busily packing suppliers for the next day, answering e-mails and making calls to local media. Somehow, my Mom always finds that one or two quiet moments amidst the chaos to read aloud a letter sent to the Cures Rock! Team. (At the end of Day 3, Heather handed me a large shoe box with a ton of cards in it from the Team In Training members in San Diego. Also in the box were treats to keep us moving toward Phoenix.) The letter’s today were full of passion and life and just reminded us to keep trying our best to make the world a better place. Everyone just stopped and smiled, while she read four letters. One had sand from Mission Beach, another counted down bottle of beer, another told us that our run made the long runs seem very doable, and the last just told us to stay strong and believe. So “Thank You” everyone who sent us a card, text, Tweet, e-mail or phone call. We appreciate all the words of encouragement and positive energy. Please keep them coming.

The song of the night is 1985 by Bowling for Soup. It is dedicated to my big brother, Steve. We all showed up for today’s safety brief in the lobby, there he was in his vintage 1980’s running attire. He had his cotton t-shirt, silk running shorts and cotton socks! The only thing’s missing were the wristbands and the Bill Bowerman waffle racers. I am still laughing, but I love him to death! He cruised through his five miles today with ease. And during the drive, he entertained us all with stories of marathons with no sports drinks or gels, no fancy expos, and cotton t-shirts were rage. Keep on running and telling us the stories of when Pre ruled America!

That is enough for tonight. Keep sending us your love and comments! Keep spreading the awareness of the Cures Rock! Tour and remind everyone you can still donate.

Tomorrow we head East on Courthouse Road, take a right onto West Salome Highway, then a quick detour to Tonapah, AZ, then back onto West Salome and a left on West Baseline for a few miles. See you out there!

Good night, Jackson!
1. Mike Sheehy running along AZ-72 on Day 12.
2. Sally Klein, the newest CRT pacer, running with Mike.
3. Steve Sheehy, Mike's oldest brother, running along AZ-72.


  1. Mike, your message today was thought provoking and I think what all of you have done is just the tip of the ice berg! you might not see the big picture yet but you will. You and the team are doing an awesome job.

  2. Mike, what a great message. I think the CRT team is doing an amazing job, spreading the awareness and making a difference in many lives. Making us feel that anything you put your mind too, you can accomplish. Keep on trucking! You are an amazing beast that with each day, I know you aren't human until you do something very kind and gentle, then I question it. You have an amazing heart! Love ya! See you Saturday!

  3. Mike, Let there be no doubt - Your TEAM is an inspiration to all. The compassion and Passion your team has showed, the hope and smile that you have brought to the Survivors whom you have met or who have read about this initiative is a Triumph of this noble cause. Keep rocking! Wooohooo! This is something special!


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