Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 4: Perfect Beginning and Ending of a Day

Beaumont, CA to Palm Springs, CA (31 miles)

By Guest Blogger: Mike Sheehy

I never thought the Cures Rock! Tour would have such a wonderful day so early on. I can only hope we repeat today 13 more times. Today we saw the first real 50 kilometer distance (31 miles), perfect weather, great friends and an outstanding hospital visit to top it off.
When the sun crested the mountains today and shined upon the Cures Rock! Team in Beaumont, CA, we noticed the sky was peppered with clouds and there was a nice breeze. Jen and I set off due East, laughing wondering what happens to the human body after three days of running ultras. Well we found out, it just wants to keep on going. I even wanted to exceed the pacer speed limit of a 9:00 minute mile. I snuck a few sub-9s, but they were on me quick to get back to the pace. Which then facilitated the joke of the day, “What place is Mike in today, because apparently he thinks it is a race?” It appears the crew has me currently in 4th place in a race of one runner. Obviously, spirits were high today and there was a fair bit of silliness.

While Jen and I paralleled Highway 10, the crew (led by my brother) decided that everyone (but Jen and I) needed to sample the Chorizo Egg Burritos in Beaumont before leaving. The team’s verdict was a “must try” when visiting Beaumont. OK…back to running.

The weather was amazing the entire day. It was one of those things all runners dream about. Nice breeze, little overcast and nothing else. To accompany the weather, the memories of the last three days really kept my spirits high. As Jen handed me off to Suz, who took time away from logistics to run. But it was hard to get started because everyone was talking about all the support we had yesterday. We were just basking in the good times, when we remembered Palm Springs was not moving any closer. As we cruised closer to Hwy 111, we just marveled at the natural beauty of the mountains. Being a “part time” citizen of Breckenridge, CO, it reminded me of my place on Peak 7. Before I knew it, my brother led my down to Hwy 111 for an unexpected treat.

At our rest stop 8 miles from today’s finish, ABC showed up to do a interview. Bill Martin, President – Board of Trustees, was also there to run the last leg with me. Nothing beats having that kind of support from a board member from the organization you are benefiting and the Palm Springs community.
The run ended with another great finish line with Julie’s twin sister and family waiting for us. It is always nice to celebrate the end of the run with so much love and enthusiasm.

The “Live Life to the Ultra” moment today was the visit to the Eisenhower Lucy Curci Cancer Center tonight. This evening, we had the pleasure of dropping off numerous gift bags for the nurses and doctors working day in and day out with families fighting all types of cancers. They were all surprised by the amount of stuff we brought for them. But honestly, the Cures Rock! Team can not say enough “Thank You’s” to them. I would encourage everyone to say “Thank You” to a nurse or doctor tomorrow. They are special people who we all depend on when we are in a time of need. Oh…they are just wicked smart.

Tonight we want to dedicate Rapper’s Delight by The Sugarhill Gang, to the staff of the Holiday Inn Resort – Palm Springs. The staff and service has been amazing and they are getting a kick out of our adventure. So listen to The Sugarhill Gang and “…everybody go hotel motel Holiday Inn…”.

Tomorrow we head to Yucca Valley, CA! Keep spreading the word and encouraging folks to donate at:!


  1. Awesome blog, Mike! Way to keep trucking!!! Remember they are not on your back, you are in first no matter what your crew tells you! I promise! :-) The pictures are great and I SO love that Finish Line!!! See you in a few days!!!

  2. Mike, I'm following you from snowy and cold Wisconsin. You rock, bud!!! A beer (or two) on me when I see you. I love reading this!


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