Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 8: Mother Nature and Extreme Motocross!

(really beyond) Twentynine Palms, CA to (just East of) Rice, CA
Today: 34 miles / Total: 271 miles

Guest Blogger: Mike Sheehy

Well, Mother Nature really is a member of the Cures Rock! Team. Today had more miles on Highway 62. Before the start, we were treated with an amazing sunrise over the mountains just East of the highway. Then for the first 20 miles, Mother Nature provided a perfect amount of cloud cover and headwind to keep me just comfortable for the long miles. I have every running shirt, jacket, glove and hat combination you could think of just in case we receive some unexpected weather. And today, I enjoyed the opportunity to wear a jacket for the first 20 miles (around 3.5 hours of running).

Since it was Friday, we noticed the traffic to Parker picked up around 10:00 am when those folks with “River Fever” called in sick to the office to get a jump on the weekend. It was fun to share the road with so many different vehicles today. There were numerous motor homes and cars towing boats. We even had the privilege of seeing a caravan of classic Corvettes today and a large group of motorcycles heading West on 62. Thanks to all the drivers how gave us space as the shoulder is limited on the 62!

A North County Times reader sent me a note asking, “What do you think about for 30+ miles a day?” That is a very interesting question. I spend a lot of my time thinking about the upcoming miles and terrain, how I should run it. I am always trying to focus on my surroundings to insure I don’t miss a car or truck coming at me. Sometimes I bother the pacer with me and ask them a question or two. I try to be nice to them since they are looking out for my safety on this run and volunteering their time away from their families. Then there are those times on the long tough miles, I talk to my dad. My father had a stroke when I was a freshman in West Point. So I never really had a chance to talk to him about adult topics such as raising children, politics, money issues, work opportunities and those things you get to talk to your parents about once you are older. So when the miles get tough and the grind gets long, I often talk to him about something other than running. Then, somehow the miles are past me and I am back to thinking about my pace, the next aid station or why my fellow runner is wearing an all green outfit. So that is what I think about.

As for the “Extreme Motocross” portion of the title: I had the pleasure of being introduced to the Parker 250 riders tonight. The Parker 250 is a 250 mile extreme motocross and ATV race! They thought it was funny that I just crossed the 250 mark in 8 days, when they are going to do it in a few hours. They even invited me to race them in the Vegas to Reno 500. It might be a challenge for 2011! They are great folks and fellow racers, so I wish them all well tomorrow in their extreme 250 mile race.

The “Live Life to the Ultra” moment today was one a gentleman by the name of Scott contacted my crew and asked to run 2 miles with me today. He drove all the way from Temecula, CA to run only 2 miles with me and donate $500 to LLS! When we asked him why, he stated his family was greatly impacted by Leukemia and he liked the idea that maybe during his two miles a cure would be found or that his dollars would be the one’s that would find a cure for Leukemia or another cancer! Thanks Scott, you are an inspiration to us for being dedicated to the fight against cancer! Your positive energy kept the entire team’s spirits high for the day.

Finally, the song of the night is Honky Tonk Badonkadonk by Trace Adkins. (Sorry, Aisling….no Elvis tonight.) It is dedicated to my Brother Boxer (really his name is Bill) by all the ladies on the team. Every place we would run, someone assisting us or at our aid stations would always ask Boxer (typically right before his run portion), “When is the blonde running?” or “When is the girl in the green shorts running?” He would just laugh and give the pacers a hard time and sing portions of the song over the radio to everyone. Well, Boxer is heading back to Michigan tonight to spend time with his true passion and love….his family. Thanks for everything big brother! Rangers Lead the Way!

That is enough for tonight. Keep sending us your love and comments! Keep spreading the awareness of the Cures Rock! Tour and remind everyone you can still donate!

Good night, Jackson!


  1. Hey Mike, I hear you're in Arizona now! Congratulations -- you are AWESOME! Can't wait to see you in Phoenix on Friday. Big hugs!!!
    XOXO, Gail

  2. Stumbled upon your blog yesterday and I am amazed at what you are doing. I'm a runner and radio producer. I would love to schedule a phone interview with one or two in your group to use on a fitness podcast I produce for Texas Public Radio. If that's a possibility, please contact me at so we can arrange a time. Thanks, and keep rockin'.

  3. Moving post! I am sure your dad is listening.

  4. Nice one. Very well written and posted.
    Keep going your way and do the best.

  5. Extreme is what motorcross states. That sport has taken many lives and does countless injuries.


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