Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 3: Cures Rock! Tour - Hug a Tree, Please!

35 miles from Temecula, CA to Beaumont, CA

First I have to say “Thank You” again to the Day 2 pacers, Doc Rob Rich and the Running Center in Temecula. There efforts on yesterday’s 39 mile day, really paid off on Day 3. Day 3 was nothing but a “love fest”! If everyday was like today, then no one would ever be sad. Today was full of friends (new and old), multiple cities and outstanding weather. Let’s do a quick recap of the day.

Today was our first official “jump day”. (“Jump Day” according to Brother Boxer and Suz is the day when we have to pack up everything and relocate to another city.) So we had to pack up the Carlsbad house for the long haul to Beaumont. That included the Cures Rock! Team girls' multiple bags. Seriously, how many bags do you need to run to Phoenix?! We were out of the house by 6:00 am on our way to Temecula. Very funny since I ran there just yesterday.

At the Running Center in Temecula, we were greeted by an amazing crowd. There was a local running club, a bunch of friends from Abbott and even more cancer survivors. After another humorous (but very serious) daily brief from Brother Boxer, I set off with Judy (better known as JD and a fellow Abbott employee) and a whole bunch of runners. Temecula was quickly replaced by Murrieta, CA and I had the pleasure of running with Aimee for a few more miles. The long road to Hemet saw numerous friends from Abbott pacing me. Justin and Bonnie made me work, and reminded me lactic acid was only a state of mind. Team Logan (Melissa, Mama Briggs and Nicola) danced, giggled, hopped and played all the way through Hemet leaving me at the foothills of the Highway 79 climb into the mountains. [NOTE: Nicola wins the 100 mile gift for pacing me through the 100th mile. What is the gift? She gets a free leg on the next Cures Rock! Tour! Lucky gal!] Steve Hall, an Army Medic (thanks for keeping us safe) and fellow Abbott employee guided me the last few miles to our end spot of beautiful Beaumont, CA.

The “Live Life to the Ultra” moment was the family visit today. While I was out running today, Julie, Heather, Mom Sheehy and several others visited our seventh family in our area. The Cures Rock! Team visited Sadapmand Family. I always tell people I am inspired by the Cures Rock! Rock Stars and their families. Again I was reminded how strong they are when the team returned and the family had sent me a gift. Alyna, age 5, had made three bracelets for me, saying “Hope”, Be Strong” and “Faith”! Wow….the last few miles flew by when I received this remarkable gift. Again, thank you to all the families so far that have allowed us to be apart of their lives.

Finally, the song dedication for today is We Are Family by Sister Sledge. It goes out to all the Abbott employees who have supported the Cures Rock! Tour in any capacity. From my boss moving meetings for me, to Andre supplying the communication equipment, to Tim showing up on Day 1 before heading out to surf, to Steph showing up and making her son run with me on Day 2, Sergio and Ted getting me through 29 miles, Ann and Scott showing up just to donate and give me a hug, to Jessica watching Jules' dog during the tour, Mark and Jeff leaving their families on Sunday to run with us today, and all the pacers I mentioned above. And Brooks, taking over 500 photos of the tour to date! And everyone sending me the supportive e-mails and text messages. Oh…and the crew in Columbus, OH making all the Abbott Nutritional products we are consuming like crazy! This is truly a corporate family event!

Tomorrow we head from Beaumont, CA to Palm Springs, CA! We'll be running from the Best Western hotel at 7am sharp and heading to Palm Springs. An easy 32 miles. See you out there on the road to Phoenix.

Good Night, Jackson!

1. Justin and Mike running through Temecula, CA
2. Temecula Running Center store and local running group
3. Julie, Lyndsay (survivor), Lisa and Mike outside the running store
4. Cures Rock! Tour runs by Abbott Labs.
5. Patient family visit (Mom Sheehy, Bonnie, Justin, Julie, Heather with Alyna)
6. Abbott Vascular "family"

P.S. Here is one of our local newscasts about the Tour:


  1. Day 3 was amazing, being out there from the start to finish was something everyone should experience. You were very strong today and it's great to see that your pacers are still pulling your raines to keep you no faster than a 9 min pace!! Rock On Mike!!! Run Mike Run!

  2. Thank you for writing a daily blog. For those of us who couldn't be on the "tour" this is the next best thing. I am enjoying the North County times articles, too!
    It sounds like everything is going really well. Great job Mike and all the support team!! Can't wait to see what each day brings. Run, Mike, run!!


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