Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 2: Ever Run To Work?….39 Miles!

39 Miles of Fun!!!!

By Guest Blogger: Mike Sheehy

Wow! I can’t describe to you what it feels like to run 39 miles after running 35, but I can tell you one thing….Cures Rock! Tour is on a roll! And, we aren’t going to stop until we get to the P.F. Chang’s Rock n’ Roll Arizona Marathon (and new 50K)! Wow…team spirits are flying high. Let me attempt to convey to you how today unfolded. Please note, I’m an computer guy so I know my words will not do today justice!!!

So we started the day at Cannon Park in Carlsbad, CA at 8:00! We had numerous unexpected runners from TNT and Abbott. Thank you everyone for running with us for the first few miles. Then Jackson, his mother and I did a typical Saturday run. They live in Oceanside, so it was like any other typical Saturday run for us. We ended that first leg at the first family visit. We had the pleasure of hanging out with the Terhune Family and the amazing Ceamon! I have never met such a positive person with a huge heart and passion for life. On my way out again, she chased me down the street telling me to “Get to Arizona, Mike”!!!

Ted then paced me onto Camp Pendleton. Being an ex-Army officer, I was worried about the whole Army vs. Marine issue. The Marines were more than willing to support the Cures Rock! Tour caravan. I even had a police escort. I felt like Josh Cox winning races. Jen R. had the pleasure of pacing me for a bunch of these miles. I think she has a crush on the Marines….but don’t tell her husband! The run through Pendleton was only matched by the amazing reception by the Naval Weapon Station Fallbrook. During this time, my big brother Bill helped out his kid brother with the four miles of hills!
After leaving the Marines, I headed into Fallbrook with one of the world’s best triathletes Sergio. Not only is he fast, but he is a great coach. During this leg we had the opportunity to meet the Lopez Family. There darling princess Alani greeted us in a royal way and made us all feel special….yes, we were treated with tons of love and inspiration! After that stop, Sergio led me through the hills for the last 10 miles past the San Diego County line into Temecula...then passed the radio "baton" to Doc Rob who ran me into the final stretch and helped me recover (saving me!).
Oh, yeah….I work in Temecula. So I basically just ran to work today. Sorry, Kathy, Steve, Rita and Jeff….but I didn’t not stop in and send out any e-mails. Abbott Vascular is my home away from the roads!

We had two “Live Life to the Ultra” moments today. The first was the family visits. They are amazing. We need to beat cancer now so families do not need to experience it! So please get out in your community and use your special gift to raise awareness and money for the fight. You will never know what dollar you raise that might find a cure! The second one was at the finish line when we were greeted by another cancer survivor (non-hodgkins lymphoma), Ligaya King. She read about us and just showed up to encourage us onto Phoenix. Thank you to the press for helping us to create awareness. She heard about us in the paper and rushed out to meet us. What an amazing experience!!!!

Now for the song of the day. My Mom is with us. So she is really enduring everything, especially watching her son do something really crazy like run 500 miles. So tonight I am dedicating Stuck In The Middle With You by Stealers Wheel. Espcially the lines, “Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right, Here I am, stuck in the middle with you.” With me and my brother with her right now, she is definitely stuck in the middle with the rest of the Cures Rock! Team!!

Tomorrow we start running at Running Center in Temecula at 8:00 am! And end in Beaumont, CA.

See everyone out there! And keep working to beat cancer in your special ways.

Good Night, Jackson!!

Pic #1: Runners keeping Mike company up the coast in Carlsbad
Pic #2: Mike (Ultrarunner) & Julie (Founder, Cures Rock!) visit Ceamon and her family, along with the Cures Rock! Tour team (Picture courtesy: Michael Brooks)
Pic #3: Mike chatting with relay support runners
Pic #4: Leaving San Diego County
Pic #5: Doc Rob taking the radio "baton" from Sergio
Pic #6: Mike hanging out with Ligaya


  1. What an adventure, and a great thing to do. Hang in there, guys!

  2. Mike and team, you are all such an inspiration and so appeciated this update and just hearing you finished day #3! will be praying for you all the way. Hugs to Julie

  3. What an amazing day 2 was... Great job by the crew and an outstanding run day for Mike, blazing through those Camp Pendleton hills.


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