Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 9: Milestone Celebrations!

(just East of) Rice, CA to Parker, AZ
Today: 32 miles / Total: 303 miles

Guest Blogger: Mike Sheehy

Huge milestones for the Cures Rock! Team today! We finally hit the California and Arizona boarder. We even crossed the 300 mile mark (Bill M. is the winner of the 300 mile award….therefore he gets to run his leg of choice tomorrow!). But the best milestone of the day is that today is Julie’s four month anniversary of being cancer free! There is no better way to celebrate crossing the Colorado River than having Julie cancer free for four months. We are all aware she has a long road ahead of her, but we will be by her side the entire way. Just like my pacers running with me to Phoenix, she will always have us to help her through the tough miles of life.

We all knew today was a special day for Julie and you could sense the energy as we headed out to the starting point 32 miles West of Parker. Before I knew it, the large group of supporters and pacers (someone had to tell me it was Saturday when I was wondering why there were so many extra people today. Tons of folks drove out from San Diego just to support us and run a few miles with us!) yelled “Go, East!” and I was off. The first ten miles flew by as Jen and I chatted about the pace and the surprise we had in store for Julie today. As we hit the 15 mile marker today, we had a fun stop in Vidal Junction, CA. Bonnie, who runs the 24 gas station there, asked us stop in, sign a photo, take some photos and she then donated $20 to us in our fight against cancer! (Bonnie, we love you and look forward to stopping through in the future, with a car next time!)

The miles got long today, but I remembered a sign that was created for me that stated, “500 miles is hard….but not as hard as chemo!" So I smiled and pushed on through the rolling hills toward Parker. About 200 meters outside of Parker the crew stopped the vehicles to let me have one final rest stop before finishing the day. That is where we told Julie that we were going to switch out my current pacer for her. She was stunned. She had already run a 3 mile leg earlier in the morning and was not expected to run again. But, we all told her that on her “Cancer Free” anniversary; she will get to lead the Cures Rock! Tour into Arizona. My only concern was that she was so excited she would run so fast that I would not be able to keep up. Julie took it easy on me, and we both crossed into Arizona safely and more importantly cancer free! She is the ultimate Cures Rock! Star!

The “Live Life to the Ultra” moment today came today when Bill M. and I were closing in on mile 28. We crested a hill and at the base of the next hill, just about 200 meters away, we see a parked car with it’s hazards on, a woman standing on top of the car holding a sign that says “Cures Rock! Tour Rocks!” and yelling “Go Cures Rock! Tour”! We were stunned. I can only imagine what the truckers driving past her thought. It was a friend from work who drove all morning from San Diego to celebrate this historic day for the Cures Rock! Tour! So Jessica, we love your enthusiasm and passion for life. We could use you energy everyday around mile 30! Thanks for coming out to support us.

The song of the night is Convoy by CW McCall. Today was Saturday, but I think Saturday is the trucker’s Monday. Highway 62 was busy. We had a ton of big rigs passing us today, honking at us and waving to us. So many that Melissa (another supporter) started singing “Convoy." And I am sure in CB jargon they have a term for “crazy, skinny guy running alongside the highway!" If you know what it is, please let me know. Thank you to all the truckers out there who have told us to keep on trucking! We appreciate everything you guys do to make America work. And thanks again for letting us share the road with you today!

That is enough for tonight. Keep sending us your love and comments! Keep spreading the awareness of the Cures Rock! Tour and remind everyone you can still donate.

Tomorrow we head South on 95 from Parker to Bouse, AZ and beyond. So if you are leaving Parker tomorrow morning, give us a wave as you pass by the Cures Rock! Tour!

Good night, Jackson!
1. Cures Rock! Tour Team at the Arizona/California state line. (How convenient for the AZ flag to have a Cures Rock! star on it!!)
2. Mike Sheehy & Julie Westcott run across the bridge, officially crossing the Arizona state line.


  1. Way to go Cures Rock Team! And way to go Julie - 4 months! Keep adding to that number, OK?

  2. We were thinking of you while training on Saturday!! Mike - u. R amazing and an inspiration! Keep going strong...and Julie, u rock! :)

  3. You guys rock! Your cause is a great one. Praying for your health and those with you as well as for the cure!

  4. Cures Rock! I wake up every morning and read about your previous day! Keep doing what you're's so inspiring!!

  5. Mamabear & Poppa Smurf can't wait to celebrate with Julie on her 4th month anniversary. we celebrated here at home for her. Mike you are amazing and such an inspiration. Even scripture talks about Pressing on Toward the Goal. Philippians 3:13 so press on to PX

  6. Mike, I can't begin to tell you how you inspire me. Yesterday was an amazing day and I was honored to be able to pace you for just shy of 10 miles of your day. You are an amazing person and your so kind and considerate. I am thankful you didn't listen to Gollum yesterday, I was telling you the truth. :-) I'm glad Smeagol talked some sense to you... Big Hugs to you and thanks for the good times on Day 9, you amaze me! Your crew rocks!!!

  7. This here is Rubber got a copy on me Pig Pen com'on! You are crashin' the gates doing 9:00....let them truckers (legs) roll 10-4! Mike, you are truly amazing and I am so honored to have supported you on Saturday. Thanks so much to you and your team for allowing me that opportunity. I can't even tell others about all that you guys are doing out there without my eyes filling up with tears. Best of wishes as you keep on running! Cures Rock!

  8. Hey Mike and Julie and teammates on the tour ...

    I'm sure you hear lots of words like amazing, incredible, wow, and awesome. Each of those words are an attempt to describe what you are doing. The words I choose are compassion and gratitude. The compassion you show as you grind out the miles shows your passion for service and giving. It is an example to all of us watching from San Diego to put into practice in all our own actions. Thank you for giving us that example and thank you for each step you are taking to find cures. Because of the infinite number of steps that have been taken by so many in the fight against cancer Julie and my brother and myriads others can say they have a cure that gives them more life and more love. Thank you for your extraordinary compassion and example.

    One step at a time my friend ... We'll see you in Arizona.

  9. Happy 4-month anniversary, Julie! Love to you and the entire Cures Rock! Tour Team :-)

  10. Hi Curesrock,
    I found your blog today and really feel great being here. It was nice to read the celebrations of yours here.
    Thanks posting and do more because you stay a great inspiration for others.

  11. Thanks, all, for the comments! We really (really!) do read them. Most days, like tonight, we're so tired and facing our real jobs, emails, coordination for the next day, etc., that we just don't get around to replying. And yet, on nights like tonight, the words of support and encouragement really (really!) help! THANK YOU!!!! CURES ROCK!


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